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3 responses to “Editorial: Ten Things HP Can Do (Quickly) To Reboot webOS”

  1. Biswarup

    Buy RIM and put webos on the BBs

  2. davea0511

    Best are #1, #6, and #8. The patents alone make it very attractive to HTC. License to them some of they key patents in exchange for HTC partnership for WebOS leadership, with HTC at the helm. HTC is china, and china owns us now … we might as well make it an amiable relationship by partnering with them on a mutually conducive OS that will can be more open and friendly (and powerful, with Enyo tools) than Android is to developers.

    I also agree that the real gift here is Enyo, but if it gets lost in the transition that would be a tragedy. We need some more competition to Appcellerator type tools, and Enyo could be the killer.

  3. JoeK

    While I agree with Dave’s sentiments for the most part, HTC is not a Chinese company. It is a Taiwanese company, very different… Taiwan is not a part of China, despite how much war China would like to wage over the matter ; )