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One response to “Editorial: Three Months With Virgin Mobile, The Good And (Not So) Bad”

  1. Digger148

    I am very concerned about Virgin Mobile USA. I’ve used their service since 2002 with generally (especially within the last couple of years) good service.

    The last several months I’ve noticed some strange behavior on their part wherein VM USA discontinued the iPhone offerings, announced a couple of promising devices only to drop them within a few days (!) or weeks and generally a sense of neglect on the part of the Sprint parent. The thought of VM crawling into bed with Walmart makes me nauseous. The thought of anything Walmart horrifies me.

    I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a newer device with VM USA, but, I don’t want a weak-kneed, throw-away Android Ice Cream Sandwich/Jellybean/Kit Kat device. I suppose I can look at VM’s cousin BoostMobile, but, will Sprint lose interest in them as well?