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5 responses to “Editorial: What Of Virgin Mobile After Next Month’s Rumored Boost Mobile Changes?”

  1. David C.

    Don’t believe everything you read. Yeah Boost Mobile 3G/4G LTE sucks badly. But Boost has been pretty great of notifying their customers of any upcoming changes to their service or plans a head of time. I give them credit for that. But May 6th or 16th is kind of cutting it short without notifying its customers.

  2. David C.

    I spoke to Boost Mobile directly that told me that don’t believe everything you read and hear. I was also told if there are changes, all Boost Customers would be notified in advance. I also need to check the Sprint and Boost Mobile newsroom if any changes happen. So far nothing.

  3. Jon

    Thanks for the updates on the “Indian Giver Mobile”… Like Try using navigation on 128K or Google voice your phone it’s a brick!!! Hurry J.D. Powers! Hurry! Give Boost Mobile another Customer Service Award for screwing over their subscribers 3+ years in a row… Just FYI JD Powers you have no credibility with awarding them with: Best Customer Award. Customer Service is more than being nice on the phone it’s also not reneging every year on 3g, 4g, data caps, throttling down 256k. Now! down to 128k throttle brick speed! Ah another year with boost another thing take back from us. Go! Run to them J.D. Powers!!! Run!! You show Zero Credibility! I’ll never trust J.D. Powers again! What? T-mobile 5GB of data, unlimited text, 100 minutes 35 dollars? See you Bust Mobile, and I’m taking my sister away from your evil wicked Step Mother Sprint!