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2 responses to “Editorial/Review: A Month And One Week With MetroPCS”

  1. james dow

    Metro PCS isn’t a bad company, You just have to know how to work with it. With the dealers they are hit and miss, some are poorly trained desperate to make a sale, and then you have others who know what they are doing.
    Also about the employee adding metro guard and metro backup without telling you, sadly some dealers like to overcharge customers, and management tells employees to do that. Some won’t give you the 40 dollar plan if you ask for it, or charge you for a car charger or something else that you didn’t ask for or want as there “Bundle” package, or charge you dealer fees for no reason other then you walking into the store.
    If your going into a store, it’s best that you go to a corporate store rather then an authorized dealer store. A lot of things that dealers charge for ESN change, apn setting change etc corp stores do for free.
    But Metro has a lot of pro’s with it for one, the 60 dollar plan with unthrottled data, I have a buddy who has it and used 25gb of data so far this month, and his speed is still unthrottled
    Also you can bring your own unlocked phone to metro if there current offerings aren’t appealing to you.
    One thing that’s important get a LTE capable phone, you won’t be sorry if you do. The average speed test in the NYC area are 18.32 mbps download 12.39 mbps download with 38 ping. Having perks like hd voice and wi fi calling are never bad to have.
    In the end for it’s price you really can’t go wrong with Metro PCS.

  2. cheryl tobias

    i am really upset with Metro PCS, i just bought a Samsung 3 in May of 2013 and this is my first time having this service.I am frustrated because no one in the stores that i have went to can tell me anything. Just because Metro PCS is going to use TMobile towers i have to get a new phone, but i just paid $499.00 for this phone just May of 2013. I am not getting any monee back that is what one of the store told me and no credit and at this time i have a elderly mother and child i need to keep tabs on and in my building that i am in 8 hours a day i can not reach them. I am going to the media and seeking a lawyer to tell me what i can do. i dont think this is fare to me to pay for a phone with them and then in 1 year be out of my money and be forst to buy a new phone…it is not right…first channel 6, 10 and Fox News…i am sick and tired of being pushed around…now if Metro PCS want business contact me if you want me to process and you dont want any business dont call me by the end of this week.