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A quick summary of what has been going on over on the Phone Encyclopedia. Over the past month, you’ve helped make the Encyclopedia the second most viewed part of PhoneNews.com, it’s even bigger than our Forums now!

iPhone has been a big newsmaker in the second-half of this week. And, we’ve been cleaning up its iPhone page. We’ve completely re-written the downloads portion of the page, simplifying all the unlocking, all the jailbreaking, and all the tools out there. We’ve also started to branch the page off with tools for Mac and PC to make it simpler to read.

We’ve also been hard at work following the shell casings of CTIA. In fact, we have just about every phone that was announced at CTIA up and running on the Phone Encyclopedia. See a phone that was announced, and isn’t on there? Let us know so we can get a page up and running on it. But, you’re free to look at pages for the Motorola V950, Samsung Instinct, and many other great phones announced at the show.

Finally, we can’t end without taking you for all your contributions since our new look-and-feel was deployed. The change to a more Wikipedia-like look has helped viewers like you contribute many more edits than in previous revisions, already! Keep it up, and if you haven’t yet, register and then start editing the largest phone resource on the web.

Got a file you want to upload to the Encyclopedia? From firmware to files, we want to get it on there. Just drop us a note and we’ll be in touch.

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