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3 responses to “End of an Era: T-Mobile Yanks Free T-Zones Prepaid Access”

  1. Christopher

    Wow, that truly is the end of an era. I remember as a kid when wireless data was rare, and I though it was so cool to access information for free on my Nokia 3595…

  2. Mike

    T-Zones was the last factor that was stopping me from leaving T for Straight Talk, i had UL talk, text and data on my iPhone for $50/mo. My decision to not stick around was apparently the right one. Oh yeah, that T-Zones data portal on my old V600 was something else back then, especially when I found out how to tether, between them and an old Sanyo 8100 on Sprint I went without broadband service for a month during a tight time ages ago.

  3. Wrong, wrong, wrong

    “T-Mobile throttles most customers to 2G, 50 kbps data speeds after only 2 GB of data used.”

    Wrong — they only do this for people on the newest plans who have the lowest-end smartphone data plan (at 2 GB). An extra $15 takes the cap up to 5 GB. And if you turn off 3G and go to EDGE, you get around 200 Kbps even if you bust through your cap.

    Grandfathered unlimited data customers get capped at 5 GB.

    “Even much-bemoaned rival AT&T has relented and now throttles all grandfathered customers at a minimum of 3 GB, and 5 GB for customers that upgrade to a 4G LTE smartphone.”

    Not quite comparable. As noted, T-Mo customers get capped/throttled at 5 GB, not 3. And new customers of AT&T have a $10 per gig charge imposed if they exceed their cap in a month’s time, while T-Mo simply slows customers down (or allows them to upgrade their data cap to a higher level).