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57 responses to “EVO 4G Video Chat via Qik to Incur Additional Monthly Fee (Updated)”

  1. F1

    @ bottomline

    Question: “Who is trying to dictate yur decision making process ??”

    Answer: Not an individual parse, but the circumstances surrounding ones decision making process, hope this helped clarify my earlier point for you.

    Thank You

  2. Big Daddy Bull

    WOW, 51 posts about people complaining about what? Do you all realize its only $10 a month extra for the EVO? All of you sound like my 3 yr old complaining when she can’t say out at the park longer.

    I am a techie myself but I guess I’m more about debating Smartphones than a company’s pricing structure.

    Just to throw my 2 cents in, since I am replying in this post.

    1. $10 a month extra is not a lot of money.

    2. Samsung Galaxy S is a very nice Smartphone. I always love Samsung’s Super OLED screens. Personally I’m a Motorola Guy. Give me my Droid 2 with the 4.3 inch screen. I will be renewing my VZW contract for one of those and get my wife her Droid Incredible unless VZW gets the iPhone, then I know she would want the iPhone.

  3. Average_User

    @Big Daddy Bull

    Then what does that say about you since you are commenting?

  4. Average_User


    Again, I understand what your view and Salty Dawg’s point is but we disagree. As I said before on here, A CEO has the right to change his mind, does he not? That is why they have a Board of Directors to make the final decision. Just because he mentioned something in an interview, an interview, you say its false advertisement. However I do remember Hesse and Co saying the EVO will require a special plan so he did live up to his word on that. So that should make you happy at least. He was a man of his word, right?

    Thank you!

  5. SaltyDawg

    @ Big Daddy Bull

    #1: It’s not only $10 per month. It’s $10 per month, per Evo. So in my case, it’s $40 per month since I have 4 smartphones on my account that will all be upgraded to the Evo. I don’t think anyone can disagree that $40 per month is a pretty significant increase- especially when I’m not even in a 4G area so my service won’t change at all.

    #2: That Droid 2 does look awesome, no question about it. I would much prefer a device with a hardware keyboard (as that Droid 2 has). I saw that its processor has been destroying the Snapdragon in benchmarks too. I’m with you, Motorola has got it right with the Droid 2. I’m not waiting for it though, lol.

  6. F1

    @ Average_User on June 2nd, 2010, 7:41 am

    I am glad that you understand what our view and SaltyDawg’s point is,
    we agree to disagree on the value system, well I hope you feel much better now.

    I agree that “a CEO has the right to change his mind”, however, he should out of respect to himself, he should use the same means of communication, in other words an interview with the same channel, hence preventing, or at the very least reduce the appearance of being a “flip, flopper CEO”, after all he is not just “anyone”, agreed?

    The Board of Directors makes the final decision, the CEO is the face and the mouth piece of the company, it is not just a random, “mentioned something in an interview”, unless he just does not care, to begin with.

    It would be false advertisement, if it was an ad, however it is without a doubt misleading, furthermore,
    “Hesse saying the EVO will require a special plan”, does NOT explicitly and necessarily, imply higher rates! To draw that conclusion, is subject to ones interpretation, which will of course be subjective,again, more reason for the CEO of the company, to face the music, of his own making!

    If you were a regular on this site, you would know that I personally, the week before the 4G/$10 fee announcement, predicted that,
    “4G will require some variation of the E.P”,furthermore,I also commented on those who kept saying:
    “you want a new phone go with the E.P.”, while being oblivious of the fact that this pricing pattern will repeat it self, the following week,after the announcement of the 4G/$10 fee, I even said “I told you so”,as much as I dislike this phrase.

    Thank you


    The real sad thing is that Sprint may fail at its attempt to become a Vrizon It failed at its premier customer plan. I had to leave my home to pre order my phone at Radio Shack to avoid a 100 rebate , and to just have the phone tomorrow. My family all got thier phones on line ordered as a premier customer though Verizon to their house. They never pay rebates as a premier customer, and when they pre order a phone as a premier csutomer its sent to thier hands the day of the launch. I had to do tricks as a premier customer after being with Sprint since 1996 to present non stop. Then I have to pay 10.00 more for 4G service, and not have 4G here in N Y. They will fail with policies like this, and if these policies don’t change by the time this phone contact is up I am leaving to go to Verizon for better customer service. You gotta pay to have the best service all around…..period, and this just shows me that Sprint is more nickle and dime than anything else. You all seet that Dan got rid of that commercial that says I won’t nickle and dime you. Paying lower prices for lower services still isn’t how I get value for my money,. As I sad earlier for now 69.99 which is today’s prices, and 79.99 tomorrow’s prices will still be suitable for now, but in the future I think that I may leave if things remain the same.