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10 responses to “Exclusive: iPhone nano, meet Instinct Mini”

  1. AmazinglySmooth

    Instinct’s biggest problem is the new “OS”. Basically, Sprint opted to compete in a space where it takes many many developers to keep up. Unfortunately, they just don’t have the resources to compete with Apple.

  2. Feech

    Does anyone care about this? I love Sprint but jeez they can do better than rehashing this phone. Give me my damn ‘droid phone and stop wasting your time with this garbage

  3. Eric

    This phone is not aimed those who would like a Sprint Android handset Feech. This is for the masses, not the handset nerds and tinkerers.

  4. Feech

    What makes this phone for the masses? What would make a Android handset for tinkerers? You don’t have to be a nerd or someone that tinkers with phones to want a phone that can do cool and useful things.

  5. Eric

    It has to be for the masses to up against the Iphone as the article implies. To market it and build it otherwise would be foolish.

    “What would make a Android handset for tinkerers? You don’t have to be a nerd or someone that tinkers with phones to want a phone that can do cool and useful things.”
    Maybe not, but I guarantee that 90% of the people that have one are early adopters and were probably there when the store opened to get one. Besides the G1 is too unwieldy for the average user.

  6. Feech

    I’m not talking about a G1. If that phone came to Sprint I dont think I would buy it based on looks alone that I think we can all agree with. My point is just this. Providers need to stop rehashing the same garbage, and start to have handset makers innovate. The Instinct had a lot of potential before being released but it realized none of it, then Sprint says we have a Pink Instinct for you to buy, and now we’re are talking about a “Mini Instinct” ? come on now!!

    As soon as providers stop looking at the iPhone as the blueprint they will be successful. Dont try to make the next iPhone, be the next iPhone.

    On another note Sprint does appear to have a winner with the Palm Pre…

  7. cocoviper

    I’d have to agree with Eric- the Instinct was never meant to be an device enthusiast level phone- it was meant to undercut the AVERAGE iPhone user who wants a touch smartphone but doesn’t actually need one. I guarentee that after the first month the average user only uses the iPhone for voice, text, music, a few GPS searches and some occasional web browsing. That is the market the Instinct is aiming for. Essentially they want to be the Wii instead of the Xbox 360. We all know the iPhone/Xbox 360 is a better deal when it comes to features, capabilities, etc… But to the casual phone user/gamer the Instinct/Wii is a better fit.

  8. Feech

    My point was only that this platform is dead, this handset is dead. Sprint reportedly spent 10 million to advertise the Instinct as a competitor to the iPhone a month before the iPhone 3G was released. Chris makes a point. 500 Million App downloads is more than average. I would imagine that the majority of iPhone users do not use the phone as a “smart device” and for that matter what is it that makes the iPhone a smartphone? Nothing that i can see. the line is blurred now more than ever. What device makers should be doing is making it possible for me to carry one device. MP3 player, Phone, email, contacts, camera, web, and a way to easily manage all of those things on my computer, do all of that well and you have a winner. This is what the Instinct was put in a position to do and it did not, so why introduce another lame duck product.