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125 responses to “Exclusive: MetroPCS BlackBerry Curve Image and New Plan Details (Updated)”

  1. Gooca

    im sooooo excited cant wait till it hits stores. By the way the way when does it go on sale ?

  2. TMA-2

    Nice, a friend of mine just got a Curve 8900 that I’ve been quite jealous of, since i’m on MetroPCS. I might have to switch out my old Nokia 6265i for one of these when it launches.

  3. mario

    phone is gonna be so cool. i cant wait to buy it. when is it coming out?

  4. mario

    this phone is gonna be so cool. i cant wait to buy it. when is it coming out?

  5. Hot Rod

    A very reliable source has told me that it hits Best buys shelves the 29th of March and will be sold for $450.00 each

  6. Javier

    It will be Tuesday March 10 according to a good friend of minds the work there…

  7. Mike M

    Why is this style better than an I Phone-type style???

  8. Don Louie

    Aren’t they the 1st pre pay carrier to have thier own branded smartphone?

  9. manny b

    i love this phonee , when is it gonna be on metro pcs shelves ? i went today to best buy to purchase it and its still not in stock , mind you i went to three different best buy stores here in miami . i need information on its final price .. please and thank you .

  10. Christopher Price

    Don Louie, AT&T takes the award for being the first carrier with a prepaid smartphone. The Treo 750 was sold for a limited time as a GoPhone device.

    However, this will likely be the first mass-marketed no-contract smartphone offering from a provider.

  11. Don Louie

    Didn’t know about att but they don’t count because they already have those phones on the post pay which has a national presence and name

  12. Christopher Price

    While that’s correct, AT&T specifically promoted the Treo 750 refurbished stock as prepay phones online. It wasn’t an under-the-table offering, they actively sold and promoted those phones online.

    And, the Treo 750 was priced at a discount versus the full retail price, to encourage prepay customers to buy it specifically.

    The Nokia N75 was the second phone to get similar treatment, though it was passed on by most due to a low discount.

  13. Don Louie

    Yeah but GoPhones had the att name behind it letting purchasers know it work practically everywhere while Metro is just Metro and only where they have service

  14. Christopher Price

    Actually, that’s not correct. MetroPCS has TravelTalk with digital and data roaming across the nation. You don’t get unlimited talk when outside of the MetroPCS service area, but you certainly don’t lose your signal.

  15. JaxJeremy

    For the MetroPcs blackberry, is it possible to use the desktop redirector software and not pay the extra $10 per month? I leave my machine on all the time anyways and use GMail.

  16. Christopher Price

    You only need to pay the $10 fee for BES. The Redirector software only requires BIS, which is included in the standard BlackBerry plan. You won’t have to pay the $10 fee with your setup.

  17. Mike M

    Can someone tell me why the Curve is better than the I phone? Not interested in the service plan comparisons, only the phones themselves.

  18. ms.k

    Can anyone tell me how much the blackberry pearl will be? I see the Curve is expected to be $450.00 on the 29th. Which is a little pricey.

  19. Javier

    Is it the blackberry curve 8330 or the blackberry pearl these are 2 different phones…
    Can you please check

  20. Javier

    good so that is the one coming out on tuesday 8330..


  21. manny b

    humberto , do you know the final price for the 8330 curve for metro pcs ?

  22. Javier

    Also what colors do they come in

  23. Sheryar

    Its out already it is 8330 curve, I’m a metropcs dealer. I already have the phones.

  24. Sheryar

    We have them already, new metropcs blackberry curve 8330.

  25. andres


    I’m from new york, will I be able to use the curve with all its features in new york?

  26. BlackBerry Curve hitting MetroPCS on Tuesday? | Prepaid Reviews

    […] clearly that hasn’t happened. However, we could get an announcement as early as this week. has found visual confirmation that the device will in fact launch through MetroPCS, and it could be […]

  27. Javier

    I just spoke to Best Buy in my area and has confirm it will be out tuesday for sure.. One thing he did tell me was that it is only in black for now not in red… He also gave me a run through on the new phone which was very interesting .. I just wanted to find out about the internet and its run through BlackBerry.

  28. Javier

    Typo its only in red for now and it is $449.99 at Best Buy.. Most stores get there shippments on Monday nites or Weds…. BestBuy already has them in there system and ready to sell..

  29. Mike

    javier what area are you located in ?
    have anyone else talk to their local best buy people.
    I believe this will be the next hit for metro PCS. Then people will start asking for other blackberry models, this is just the beginning.
    Let’s see if the have enough inventory to suppy all the demand.

  30. JaxJeremy

    I just called my local BestBuy and they said they thought it would be out in April in out area (Jacksonville, Fl.) Post if you hear different.

  31. metro guy

    the account service rep for metro iin south florida said tuesday 3/10

  32. Jose

    I wonder if i will be able to just add the (BES) plan, since i already have a pearl working with metro for a while…

  33. Javier

    I live in the Orlando Market…

  34. Daniel


  35. Jose

    Ok, i called metro and they told me that i can’t add the BES plan to my blackberry already flashed to metro, it has to be a metro phone, flashed phones only work as calling and texting devices… It sounds like BS to me!
    Anyone else in here having the same problem?

  36. Camille

    I am so p’d that the BB is not available in the Philadelphia market. What kind of crap is that?

  37. ms.k

    just checked the metro website in california and the phone did come out today and it is 349.00. That is so cool!!!

  38. LORENA

    i want to know if they can add my esn to the metro pcs inventory……
    i already flashed and i can call with my blackberry 8703e at *228 and *611 from metro and they answer me…but i can’t make calls put me to the rooming calls

  39. Jose

    Well, i called metro pcs again, and they told me that they are not able to add the plan yet to people with blackberries at the moment, maybe later on…..
    I will call later on today, and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on…

    Anyone here knows Metro Pcs direct email address for support?

    Thank You

  40. trisha

    What if you already have a blackberry curve, could you add the metro pcs plan on it? I wouldn’t want to have to buy a new phone.

  41. ms.k

    This morning I check the metro website and it said 349.00. Even printed out the page and I guess it was a computer typo because by mid day it was $449.00 as stated in other comments. Thanks for all the information and even though the price is a little high I think it is worth it, if you compare the plan to another carrier. If you are like me you like Metro and just want a nice phone. Thanks again for the info!

  42. JaxJeremy

    For all those looking: I called about 10 best buy stores today looking for the Metro BB. From what I am told; select Miami stores got only 3 units in today. There are no units in Jacksonville Yet. Could not find any in Atlanta.

  43. JaxJeremy

    Update. Today is my birthday and I actually found the phone and bought it! I must say, activation was easy. Just called them and read the ESN. This device is simply amazing. You don’t get the hefty discount on the device like with the bigger companies.. but you do get unlimited everything for $50 /mo. I am a very happy camper.

  44. Leo

    Hey Jeremy, where exactly did you buy the phone ? were more phones avaliable at the time?

  45. jaxjeremy

    Leo, I got the phone at the best buy at 4873 town center pkwy jacksonville fl. 904-928-1999. There were no more available at the time. The stores are getting in only 3 at a time. Good luck!

  46. nae

    I’m mad I don’t want people to think I gotta metro
    But metro might have this phone but I won’t be able to do nothing they technology sucks

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