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125 responses to “Exclusive: MetroPCS BlackBerry Curve Image and New Plan Details (Updated)”

  1. Raina

    I BOUGHT MY CURVE YESTERDAY!!!! I have been with metropcs since the first month they started her in atlanta. I have been ridiculed by my peers since. Now my patience has paid off. I got my blackberry at the Loganville, Ga location. They only got three. My only suggestion for getting one is to do as I did. Call every Best Buy in your local area and ask them to hold one for you when they get them in. They are only allowed to hold them for a couple of hours so be ready to go when they call. This phone is hot!! Thanx Humberto Saabedra for keeping me informed for the last couple of months!!!

  2. Raina

    Oh and as far as the technology it’s great. It does everything curves on the other networks do. Navigation, Facebook, it supports every blackberry app that i’ve downloaded so far.

  3. bedji


  4. Ivy

    Yea its great that Metro got the Blackberry but who wants to pay $450 for a cell phone? I mean why do they charge so much for a phone when the rest of the companies at least cut you a break? I have the Samsung R450 and paid $200 for that and think thats a bit much for that phone when you can sign up elsewhere and get a phone similar to it free for just signing with them. Thats a little too steep for my taste, maybe I will switch to Sprint, Alltell or AT&T so I can get the phone I want without the insane pricetag.

  5. muzakman8

    “Yea its great that Metro got the Blackberry but who wants to pay $450 for a cell phone? I mean why do they charge so much for a phone when the rest of the companies at least cut you a break? I have the Samsung R450 and paid $200 for that and think thats a bit much for that phone when you can sign up elsewhere and get a phone similar to it free for just signing with them. Thats a little too steep for my taste, maybe I will switch to Sprint, Alltell or AT&T so I can get the phone I want without the insane pricetag.”

    ….well obviously no one is perfect.. neither are companies. the reason why the price is high is because they offer pre-paid service with no contract. The other companies offer free phones to recompense for two years of a commitment you have to make with them via a contract.

  6. Raina

    Did someone really just say that the other companies give you a break on the price of the phone? So not true! Try buying a phone from one of the other major providers before your due for an upgrade or maybe try to buy one without signing your life over for the next two years. The prices are comparable. Now let’s talk about what I’m saving having not only unlimited calls and texts, but now unlimited data. Believe me the phone pays for itself in no time.

  7. Ivy

    Yea but two years really isn’t that big of a deal considering that chances are you going to keep the service for at least that long. I think with how quickly phones become outdated they shouldn’t cost so much.

  8. James

    Actually two years of hidden fees and charges is a real big deal. On top of that, if you decide to go with another service provider, you are charged an ETF fee. Who wants to pay that? You should be able to go from provider to provider freely. Like Raina said, the phone will pay for itself in no time. Especially when you have an unlimited plan for a low rate per month.

  9. Drew

    they need the G1 and Iphone.. that’ll be a great addition to the device list

  10. Paula :)

    All i want to find it out is that, can you navigate the web like the other companies or is the internet for the phone is it going to work like metro web? For the black berry curved.

  11. javier


    Do you know when is the Motorola Hint coming out..

  12. ms.k

    I got my blackberry about 4 days ago and I love it. I have been with metro in LA for about two years now since they came and I have waited for a nice phone with the great monthly price they offer. I have a brother who has a sprint blackberry and pays 135.00 a month what a rip off. The 449.00 price tag is a bit much but the phone pays for itself. Also the phone doesn’t say metro on it like there other phones, not that I care just was a nice touch. Great phone for ME!

  13. Dibbs

    Mike M… it really is about preference. the curve isnt necisarily better than the iPhone its just some ppl, myself included, prefer a keyboard; as to a sensitive touch screen. hope that helps.

  14. mike

    I heard a compatible AWS blackberry will be released by metro within the next 6 months, that means metro have not forgotten about their newer markets. My questions is this new blackberry will be a newer model or just a revised version of the already released curve 8330 ???

  15. rosely

    Let me tell ALL of you i when to get it and the guy told me that they where going to have like in a week like the tmobil camera type the 5mpx and it was going to be 3houndred and something and like a little square one for 2 hounded and something the tmobile one is touch screen. thats cool … it should be in stores like in 2 weeks he said. i saw them ….

  16. wwjdhill

    I have 2 say that @ 1st i thought i would just stick with the plans i had with t-mobile,but as times got harder paying $600.00 phone bills for 5 lines got old so i switched to metro with 5 lines for $189 what a big difference the smartest move i ever did when it came 2 a budget, so yes i would pay $450 for the phone because like many have said the phones pays for itself, would i go run out and buy the phone 2morrow NO times are still hard, but it’s nice 2 know that when the time is right i can go an get me a nice phone with unlimited everything no strings attached, people get off the high horse metro is in. You can Have What Ever You Like!!!!

  17. Kems

    I just bought my new blackberry curve a few days ago, and love it to pieces. I work in a fast-pace world and I love how it helps me stay in touch w/everyone and all the many things that go on at my job. Its great for people like me that also like to customize everything. This phone is pretty confussing if you’ve never had a phone like this before. I love how Metropcs has come such a long way from its first type model phones. All and all I love this phone it was pretty pricy but Id rather pay a one time high price for the phone and a low rate monthly then a low price phone and pay a high price monthly for the plan…

  18. LadyDubb

    does the metro pcs blackberry have the navigation gps on it?

  19. LadyDubb

    does the metro pcs blackberry have the navigation gps on it?

  20. Raina

    yes the gps works great

  21. KMS

    I had metro pcs for years and left them. I had a nokia phone and also a motorola slvr Lc7. When my slvr started messing up and having software problems metro pcs wouldn’t do ANYTHING! And YES I had insurance and it was still under warranty since it was LESS than a YEAR OLD. They tried giving me “the run around” and telling me I “COULD ONLY TAKE IT TO THE CORPORATE STORE.” I Did that too…. With no one helping me, replacing my phone, or fixing the software on my slvr. METRO PCS IS A SCAM ONCE YOUR PHONE SCREWS UP!!! They told me I just NEEDED to buy another 200 dollar phone…. Which is upsurd when I paid for insurance every month and my phone was only 5 months old. So lemme tell you when your BLACKBERRY SMARTPHONE has a problem with its software and you keep resetting it and nothing fixes it, DON’T COUNT ON METRO PCS TO HELP YOU OUT EITHER! I left them right then and their at the end of my month and went to Tmobile. GOODLUCK WITH YOUR 449.00 DOLLAR SMARTPHONE!

  22. javier


    Sorry you feel that way. but I,ve had metro since day one in miami.. I had a couple of issue,s. But since about a couple a years I had nothing but good things to say.. I have never had a problem with phone replacements it seens you had just a couple of places trying to hit you for money..

  23. johnny

    Does it come in black?

  24. donna

    i heard the metro blackberry will be comming out with a black and a titanium color soon? is this true? i want to buy one in the next few weeks but i would prefer the titanium coloring. i really dont want to buy red and then fall in love with another color…especially for $449.00!

  25. Brae

    What is the software needed for the desktop, for the metro curve? I bought the phone from someone, but it did not come with the software CD. Could someone tell me what is the software, and can I download it from the blackberry website? Thanks


  26. timothy watts

    Hi I had my bbc since it came out and I love the phone I just think they need faster internet cuz from what I hear they where comin out wit 4G network I mean I just want to knw if this was true

  27. donna


    i went to my metro pcs a few days after i bought my phone. i was irritated that i couldnt use youtube or pandora…they said it was because metro only has a 1g internet right now but that early next year they will be upgrading to 4g.

    i love my phone! i cant wait for the internet to be better. i use this phone for business and when im on the go it would be really convienent.

  28. timothy watts

    That’s good but what is the bbe for and they said it would be a extra 10$ to your bill to use it but when I called metro they said they never heard such thing and said the bb smartphone only has 1 plan

  29. timothy watts

    And here’s another ? t-mobile and verzion 8330 has a wifi icon where u can get internet st8 from your wireless router but I don’t see the icon for the metro pcs phone is there a way to download it or they jus don’t have it 4 the metro pcs bb 8330

  30. Saiful

    Hi, I am from New York. I want to switch to Metro is the Blackberry Curve 8330 available in New York? Plz let me know

  31. timothy watts

    I really don’t knw but I have a few at my store here in detroit if u want one

  32. Gia

    is it true you can only have the $50 plan with the Blackberry on Metro Pcs??

    I currently have the $45 plan which has pretty much everything already & don’t want the $50 one or like one of the features it brings..

  33. timothy watts

    Well yes it is true cuz its called the smart phone plan and u have to get that plan to have the bbc

  34. Gia

    does the bbm ((blackberry messanger)) work on the metro blackberry??
    i was able to play with one at a store & saw that it does have it like all the other blackberrys on the other carriers..
    but my question is to anyone who has the phone already, if it works well, can you talk to anyone who has a blackberry with the bbm even if they are another carrier??

  35. timothy watts

    Yes works like a charm and works on all bb phones

  36. pup

    Are they coming out with a black one?
    And that kinda sucks that you have to have the $50 plan. Sigh.
    Maybe that’s why they lowered the price……

  37. Ladydubb

    how is the internet on the metro BB i am considering buying one in the next week or so and also are you able to download Apps like any other BB exp twitter facebook etc.. please let me know

  38. timothy watts

    Works great but could be faster and yes all bb apps work

  39. Ladydubb

    another question can i use my personal email on it

  40. timothy watts

    Yea sure can and don’t worry cuz this phone can have the new 4g network for faster internet

  41. DaveT

    Why isnt metro navigator and metro backup available on the blackberry curve?

  42. ladydubb

    So I bought the bb with metro a few days ago I mus say it does everything any other service would do I jus wish the internet was faster my twitter keeps freezing and takin forever to update but I love the phone!!!

  43. timothy watts

    Well 4 1 the internet is to slow 2 have the navidator and when they come with 4G it will 4sure have it

  44. dennis

    when is the blackberry coming to new york…..

  45. timothy watts

    I don’t knw should be soon tho

  46. Natalie Rueda

    If i sign up with metro for like i dont know two year contract or something can you get a phone for free like the blackberry, or even another phone…maybe like a razor, or do you still have to pay for the phone??

  47. timothy watts

    Metro has no contacts u just pay one bill a month

  48. timothy watts

    Metro has no contacts just pay one bill every month

  49. timothy watts

    Unlimited Wireless Carrier MetroPCS Announces Vendors for 2010 4G LTE Launch
    4G LTE Launch Positions MetroPCS as Innovative Leader in Unlimited Mobile Voice and Web Services
    DALLAS, Sep 15, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (NYSE: PCS), the nation’s leading provider of unlimited, flat-rate, no signed contract wireless communications service, announces that it has selected its infrastructure and initial handset vendors for its second half 2010 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) Broadband service launch. MetroPCS has selected Ericsson, a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators globally, as its infrastructure vendor for the launch of its LTE service. In addition, MetroPCS has selected Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile)1, the number one mobile phone provider in the U.S.2, to provide the Company’s initial LTE handset device.
    “LTE represents the next generation of wireless technology, and we are proud to be working with two technology leaders in Ericsson and Samsung,” said Roger D. Linquist, president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of MetroPCS. “As the Internet goes ‘mobile’ we are excited to be at the forefront of this wireless evolution with the building out of our 4G broadband data services. We anticipate to begin offering our 4G LTE services and a dual-mode LTE/CDMA smartphone in our major metropolitan markets in late 2010. When launched, our customers will benefit from our next generation, leading-edge network technology which will enable true high-speed Internet access in the palm of their hand. With the announcement of our LTE launch vendors, MetroPCS will move directly to 4G.”

    MetroPCS has successfully encouraged customers to cut the cord on their landline phones and enjoy wireless mobility with their unlimited, flat-rate, no signed contract plans. With its LTE broadband initiative, MetroPCS will provide the ability to cut the cord on the Internet, and subscribers will enjoy a richer HTML browsing experience coupled with multimedia applications that allow a traditional wireline Internet experience directly on their handset.

    “Ericsson is honored to be chosen by MetroPCS as their LTE/EPC infrastructure supplier for its LTE service launch,” said Angel Ruiz, president and CEO of Ericsson North America. “We look forward to using our leadership in LTE technology to help MetroPCS usher in a new era of communications and transform the mobile-broadband user experience for their customers.”

    “Samsung Mobile is excited to announce a handset that will be compatible on MetroPCS’ high-speed LTE network,” said Paul Golden, chief marketing officer for Samsung Telecommunications America. “This mobile device will take the user experience to the next level by offering users a full broadband Internet experience on a LTE infrastructure.”

  50. m4f1050

    Do what everybody is doing, get a top of the line CDMA touch phone, keys are a thing of the past! I personally got the HTC Imagio from Verizon and flashed it to metroPCS! 🙂