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4 responses to “Fake Mobile Banking App Discovered in Android Marketplace”

  1. Malicious banking app found in the Android Marketplace | Android Arena

    […] Highly touted as being an open development platform, you may want to be more cautious the next time you download and install an app from the Android Martketplace. One particular application has been found to contain malicious code that tries to compromise banking information on your Android handset – thus possibly being used for banking/credit/identity fraud. First Tech Credit Union, who is being affected by it all, has posted a statement on their web site informing anyone who downloaded the Droid09 app to immediately uninstall it. Droid09 was a rogue Android app that creates a shell of mobile banking apps that attempts to gain financial information. First Tech Credit Union does not currently have an app available on the Android Marketplace – so it’s a little bit scary to imagine how apps are meticulously being looked at before making its way onto the Marketplace. As a precaution, always double check your financial institution if you’re unsure if there is an app available for your specific platform. source: First Tech Credit Union via PhoneNews […]

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  4. Spyware Threat Invades BlackBerry App World | Blackberry | Device Gadget

    […] public embarrassment during the 2009 Christmas vacation. A programmer with the nickname  droid09 ( ) offered more than 50 mobile banking applications for sale through the Android Market. It was […]