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One response to “FCC Approves Nokia N8 with T-Mobile 3G Support”

  1. 3g-is-over-rated

    T-mobile’s upgrade has it so you absolutely NEED to purchase a 2 year data contract with the phone. So let’s say if you buy it just with no plan, it’ll cost about $500. If this does come to t-mobile, they’d probably sell it for $150 along w/ the 2 year data plan. The data plan a month will cost you $30, so for 2 years the data plan comes out to $724, with the phone your total cost comes to $874. So if you want the phone w/ no internet then it’s not worth getting it through t-mobile. But if you already have 3gs or want to have it and don’t mind the price, then the nokia N8 coming to t-mobile would be a really good thing.