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6 responses to “Fender, 3.5mm MyTouch 3G Froyo Update on Wednesday”

  1. J-ROD

    seeing is believing!

  2. SB

    I got my update the other day! Works great! I have a 3.5mm MyTouch that is new as of August so it will arrive. 🙂

  3. billie jean

    the fucking update ruined my phone!!!

  4. cisco

    update screwed up my mytouch 3g 3.5mm
    trying to get back to 1.6,hope they fix this soon before i break my phone!!

  5. t bone

    Update completely ruined my limited edition my touch Fender.

  6. Greg

    I got the update this morning and it totally ruined the phone. It locks up and shuts down on its own. I can’t even get into the app market or use the navigation. What a total joke.