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5 responses to “First Droid X 2 Images Surface”

  1. Hoax

    I call BS. Looks exactly like the OG DX!

  2. lavelle

    That is just crap. It is almost like the of droid x. If this is true moto has really let me down. Guess I am going to samsung.

  3. david

    Come on guys! Motorola is doing an excellent job! The Droid X is a great phone that surpasses every Android out there. The phopne is over a year old, and still out pwers most phones in the market. Improving the internal hardware was a great move on their part-

  4. Daniel

    No front-facing camera? Really?

  5. gmoney

    All I know is this is one hellva of phone… No sure what more they can do to it…OOOO YEAH THERE IS IMPROVE THE BATTERY LIFE..:)