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3 responses to “First Images of LG VX9600 Surface”

  1. Joe

    This idea looks kinda dumb…what am I going to do? Carry all of these extra pieces around? Lame LG….let’s see the release of the LG Renoir in the US.

  2. Russ

    I’m not really sure what to make of this phone. If it is going to replace the Voyager, then it would need to be a Non-PDA phone. Seeing the new phones coming to Verizon makes me worry that they are going back to making customers spend extra for PDA data access; in order to enjoy the same level of access to the web that other carriers offer at the Mid-Range level. And this new phone might not come out for months, if at all.

  3. RealTimeAlerts

    Uhhmm with qwerty keyboard?