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7 responses to “First Images of Net10 Motorola EM326g Surface”

  1. Images of the Motorola EM326g from Net10 | Prepaid Reviews

    […] phone to its lineup sometime soon. The Motorola EM326g has seen the light of day, and the guys from Phone News show us the first snapshots (above). It’s got a media player, expandable memory, a 1.3 […]

  2. Karen

    I’ve been using Net 10 for 2 years now and I’m really looking forward to this new phone. I will purchase it as soon as it comes out. Hopefully that will be soon.

  3. jessi

    when do you think this phone is supposed to come out .. because
    i am looking to buy a new prepaid phone and i really like this one

  4. matt

    Its a nice phone, espcially for the money. It does hav all of the options listed above except video capabilities…. still picture quality is great, with lots of extras to hav fun with your phone.

  5. Harley

    Hey Yall um I have a tracfone samsungt301g and it is better that net 10

  6. douglas

    well harly net 10 is better its only ten cents a minut and ur paying how much for yours any way everyone would rather have a touch sensitive phone instede of buttons 🙁

  7. niko

    i have this phone and i wish net 10 had a unlimited texting plan for it