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5 responses to “First Live Images of Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone Surface”

  1. Nanfy

    Sony should ditch the whole Sony Ericsson venture. This so called gaming phone features a barely acceptable Qualcomm 205 GPU. Its on par with what the iphone has with its PowerVR 535 GPU.

    The GPU king right now in the mobile phone world is any of the Galaxy S phones. They features a PowerVR 540 GPU which has shown in graphic benchmarks to be about 40-50% faster than the 535 GPU.

    If Sony Ericsson really wants to have a killer phone, they need to try harder with better more cutting edge hardware.

  2. Lousy Blogging

    How about next time you credit Engadget for the scoop instead of just grabbing their image and basically reposting their story?

  3. Christopher Price

    Wow, considering the sole link in the article is to Engadget… I’d say you need to get your vision checked long before we need to get our facts checked.

  4. Lousy Blogging

    Don’t worry, I saw the link. I just find it humorous and sad that within an hour or so of something on Engadget I find it here. Don’t worry, I know your going to dismiss me as troll so I’ve already taken the initiative to ban myself from the site by deleting my bookmarks to your site.

  5. Joe K

    Wow, a rare double-troll.

    Engadget has an exclusive scoop on a new phone. then goes and covers it “within an hour” and gives credit to Engadget.

    Troll then denies gives credit, gets busted, and is accordingly put in his/her place.

    Way to go! Keep it up!