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25 responses to “First Official Sprint Diamond Images Surface, Specifications and Launch Date Set”

  1. r0fl

    I knew this site would not give credit where due so its a good thing i tagged the pic with my nick.

  2. Christopher Price

    r0fl, the original source of the picture is Sprint. This information is available from multiple sources, and as such, we do not attempt to assign credit to individual posters in such situations.

  3. r0fl

    then get your photo from sprint, untouched. until then the source of this pic is from me.

  4. Bob Fran

    Is this the one with the full keyboard? Whats the keyboard one called? Any idea when that will be released? Thanks

  5. chappy

    Yeah, if you look just to the left of the guy in the blue, it says “rofl” in black text. I doubt that’s from Sprint’s marketing department.


    Does anyone know if Sprint or Htc will be offering a black battery cover like the Telus version of the Diamond? I’m not too fond of this burgandy color that Sprint decided to use.

  7. Josh

    I normally don’t like people picking on but Mr. Price, you are in the wrong. You clearly took these pics from the poster and are pawning them off as official press release pics. That’s pretty messed up!

  8. Carlos

    Yeah, Chris. I’ve seen you hide behind that excuse in the past. Give credit where it’s due.

  9. Christopher Price

    We’re not hiding behind anything. It’s our editorial policy… and we have no plans to change it.

    We cite original sources. Here, Sprint is the original source.

    We made this decision long ago, in part to protect employees who leak information to the public. It’s a guideline we have consistently held to.

  10. TC

    Any idea what the price will be?

  11. ryan rydell

    unless the photo was taken by rofl, then the original source is technically sprint…and the decision to not site any 2nd hand sources is a very good one…i for one wouldn’t want to lose my job over leaking info or photos.

    whats the big deal anyways? can’t one just be excited about the phone…like me. I’m simply leaking fundrops of anticipation to play with this device.

  12. Josh

    I don’t understand this. I’m not trying to argue, or say your not doing your job so don’t think that at all. Obviously the picture is originally from Sprint. The person who first posted these pics goes by the nickname rofl. If there are pics that are untagged, why not use those instead of someones tagged leaked photos? That’s like me taking the sexy Miley Cyrus iphone pics that got hacked and had some dudes tag all over it and posting them on some forum claiming I got them.

    If you don’t want to change the picture, that’s your call, but personally I think that hurts you. I’m sure the guy who leaked these pics isn’t happy about it. I’m going to stay out of it from this point on. I’ll let someone else argue with you.

  13. Christopher Price

    Josh, we’re certainly not trying to argue, so you’re only arguing with yourself. We are, however, happy to explain why we came to this decision.

    As Ryan explained above, citing employees that leak info, singling them out, is legally ambiguous. While Apple v. Does gives us some protection, a company could demand us to provide information about our sources. As such, we try to retain as little information about sources and contacts.

    And, to that end, we do not retain information on what employee leaks information. It could endanger their jobs, and in turn, endanger a vital information resource for

  14. Josh

    Ok maybe this is my last response…haha…

    I understand you are trying to protect him, but he is taking the risk in posting it by himself. It’s just like when people posted pictures of the QCHAT phones. People got fired over that. Who’s fault is it? Not a phone site, or a forum. The person posting risked that it would not be traced back to them, but it was. While that’s sad they lost their job and such, it’s the risk they were willing to take. You stated there are several sources with the pictures. If you truly were so concerned about this guy, you would post those, not his tagged photos, period. I know I’m right on this issue and no comment is further needed.

  15. Dustin

    What.. no QChat? Why isn’t Sprint adding QChat on all of their new phones. It’s already Rev A so it can’t be THAT hard to implement!

  16. Christopher Price

    Josh, you may feel that you’re right, but your premise is incorrect.

    If we announce who-leaks-what, it is a tacit approval of that process. We feel that is both a threat to sources, and to the media to do. As such, we only identify original sources.

    Now, some would say why we report on this at all… the reason is, it is still news, and it would be equally wrong for us to not report on it.

    So, we have to walk a fine line. There is no policy that will make everyone happy on this, we’re simply doing the best we can in a new age of media.

  17. ryan rydell

    good question dustin…

    maybe its cause sprint thinks the majority of the DC customers are not gonna spend the money on this device, and/or even need/desire such a kick butt phone…which would be very smart of them

    maybe its cause sprint thinks that only offering a small list of decent phones with QC is a good way of showing people they care about the DC customer and getting them to switch from iDEN to CDMA…which would be very stupid of them…

    so, they are either really smart or really stupid…take your pick.

    side note…am i the only one that is suprised to see more people talking about the source of the pic, rather than the news itself…HHMM

  18. Christopher Price

    QChat is a very complex system… it will be awhile before it shows up in a PDA or Smartphone. Sprint would love to have QChat in every phone, today. But, it’s a difficult platform with only one customer (Sprint). As such, device makers are struggling with getting it to pass Sprint’s quality standards. It has to work as good as Nextel/iDEN before Sprint will approve it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that HTC hasn’t even started on QChat support.

  19. kris H.

    How much will this be with a new 2 yr or upgrade?

  20. Jesse

    GPS ?

  21. Christopher Price

    Yes, it will have GPS on Sprint, and probably on Verizon as well.

  22. Chris

    To Bob Fran: No, this is not the one with the full keyboard like the PPC cousin. That one is called the Pro (not sure what Sprint will be nicknaming it).

  23. JSS

    garbage… the one i’m looking for is the HTC pro… any idea when it’s going to be launched in sprint?

  24. conrad

    i read this article… what do you think?

    UNCONFIRMED: Sprint to launch the HTC Touch Diamond during August
    While neither Sprint nor HTC made any official announcements yet, Taiwanese’ “The China Post” unveiled in its Saturday issue, that “the company [HTC] begin selling the handset [HTC Touch Diamond] through Sprint Nextel Corp. in August”. This would make perfect sense since the EVDO Touch Diamond is on sale in Canada already and photos of a Sprint branded HTC Touch Diamond was spotted earlier already.
    If Sprint is going to release the HTC Touch Diamond in the U.S., it’s most likely that Sprint’s version shares the feature-set of Telus Mobility’s HTC Touch Diamond including Windows Mobile 6.1, EVDO Rev. A high-speed

  25. rayce

    Chris, does anyone know when the Touch Diamond Pro will be launched from Sprint?