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9 responses to “First Press Image of Forthcoming Sprint LG Rumor 2 Surfaces”

  1. Mustang46L

    Looks MUCH better than the original Rumor. I just hope that it has micro usb.

  2. qwerty

    It has micro-USB.

    The question will be how well the port is reinforced, though.

    That image doesn’t look half bad, though the looks and features do scream of what the original Rumor should have been (excepting 1click)

  3. tc1uscg

    I just hope they beef up the slider portion of the phone. Or just don’t sell it to anyone under the age of 18. My 14 year old went thru 3 of these in 1 year. at 12k average and 17k high for text msgs, these things don’t hold up under heavy use. Now, she has the lotus and after 5 months, the shift button has stopped working. Time to replace it. Wish she had opted for the centro.

  4. tc1uscg

    That was 12k, 17k per month. Not yearly total.

  5. Christopher Price

    If you’re texting that much on any Sprint device, I’d strongly suggest the $7/month Total Equipment Protection option. You can only add it within 30 days of activating a new or replacement phone… but it covers virtually anything that can happen to the device. Loss, theft, wear, and mechanical defect.

  6. Mustang46L

    Yeah, not many devices are going to hold up to 12k text messages a month. That is what the Total Equipment Protection is for.. free phone every time it breaks.

  7. Rick

    If your daughter is texting at 12-17k per month on the high end that is nearly 600 texts per day or 1 text message for every 2 minutes roughly over a 24 hour period. In this case I would say you need to get her involved in sports or after school activities that allows her to detach from her device. Maybe spend time with your kid… do you even check her text messages? I tell my kids that their internet usage and phone usage is subject to a periodic check so it doesn’t get out of hand… Back to the Rumor2, looks solid, much better than the original.

  8. celz

    yea mustang u may be right.. face to face socializing is much more important.. and before you know it those kids will have jobs and the oppurtunity to msg all day at work..

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