Five Years Later: Sound Off!

Today, turns five years old. We want to thank you for tuning in for all these years, and we’re paving the way for five years more.

To celebrate, we want to hear from you. Sound off in the comments with your favorite article, what you found the most interesting… and what you’re looking for from in the future.

Again, thanks for reading, we’ll be posting a few articles looking back… and forward… throughout the day.

Christopher Price is the Founding Editor of Today, he leads the team building Console, Inc. - a new kind of Androidâ„¢ device. He still likes to pontificate... a lot. You can visit his personal blog at

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5 responses to “Five Years Later: Sound Off!”

  1. Jaz

    I have been using since back when it was pcsintel. I love it. You guys really know your stuff and are very helpful. There have been times where the only solution for a problem by sprint was to replace the phone. With your information I have fixed the phone myself. Keep on the GREAT WORK YOU DO and for those who try to rip you for one reason or another then stop coming back to and make your own site. Great Job Guys. I love it!!!

  2. Don Louie the 2nd

    Been reading for the past 3.5 years and have enjoyed your site. More frequent postings have been nice but please keep up the in depth reporting. That’s definitely where you made your mark these past years.

    Cheers and good luck on many years to come!

  3. BvF7734

    I have been following the site for a number of years back when it was still PCSIntel. This site has provided uncountable solutions to issues that I have had from service to plans to hardware. Because of this site, I have been a more educated consumer.

    Please keep up the good work! It is enjoyable to read about what is coming and what is going, who’s cheating who, and where this new fangled wireless phone craze is going!

  4. Kenneth Daniels

    My day starts with The sites quality keeps getting better and better. Much success.

  5. Jeff

    I bought a T608 because of you… it was a piece of junk, but it led the way for Bluetooth and Sprint.

    I wish the forum were more popular.

    I’d like to see a rumor section on the News page.

    Congrats on 5 years.