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11 responses to “Follow-Up: Casio G’zOne Brigade Pricing and Availability Confirmed, Data Plan Required”

  1. Dog

    Does this mean you can order at telesales now?

  2. joethestone23

    Can anyone say hello to 2007? Looks like an original EnV…

  3. Gommer


  4. Dog

    You CANNOT order through Telesales…. SORRY … the story is wrong.

  5. Christopher Price

    In case you aren’t familiar with TeleSales at (insert AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile here), it is always hit-and-miss when ordering a phone at or near launch. We figured people had gotten the memo on that by now.

    The Brigade is supposed to look like an enV. Casio Hitachi makes primarily waterproof phones in the United States. People aren’t buying basic flips anymore (and Casio already has the lock on them with G’zOne), so they took a proven text-centric design and made it float (literally).

    I’m sure most readers here would prefer a capacitive, waterproof Android phone, we didn’t bother asking the PR people what century that would arrive in.

  6. JJ

    I don’t know how its going to work for verizon. I used to work for verizon and when any of the casio boulders sold for verizon most of them did not want any data. They just wanted the phone for its ruggedness and only needed the ptt and phone and text. I guess we’ll see.
    I’d rather be forced data on sprint since they will also throw in unlimited text and navigation plus you can all any cell phone in the us on their everything plans.

  7. Ryan

    If they are going to charge the $9.99 month fee for the stupid multimedia crap i dont think it will sell well, i have the boulder I have the casio because of the ruggedness not for a smart phone i was going to get the brigade but it looks like i will no longer be getting it.

  8. Alex D.

    There is a brigade on sale on Ebay that I listed. Its the real deal. Get your hands on this device before anybody else!!

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  10. WantABrigade

    Had a conversation with a Verizon wireless customer service rep yesterday and she said that there is currently no way around the $10 data package requirement, and that Verizon actually has the lowest price for this type of service. However, she did mention that due to a large amount of complaints/inquiries on a different phone model that it was removed from the mandatory data plan list. So if you want this phone and don’t want to be forced into the data package fill out an online question and tell them that you want this phone but will not upgrade to it until it is available without the data packge, and then sit back and wait to see if they get enough to remove the $10 data package requirement.

  11. Vinni

    Just wanted to square everybody away on the pricing…….This report on this page is inaccurate..
    It’s $419.00 on a month to month and $299.00 with a 2 yr. contract and then the $50.00 rebate makes it $249.00 and does require the $9.99 or more data pkg.

    I was really hoping that the info on this page was accurate, that price would have been reasonable for this phone.