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5 responses to “Follow-Up: MetroPCS Forces Automatic Update on Samsung Indulge”

  1. Ladydubb

    Does anybody have this phone and if so do you like it? I’m interested in getting it

  2. Danielle

    I have it. Its a good phone but Id deff go with the Ascend, especially since now its running on 2.2.2 and its much faster then even this phone that starts you on 2.2 and then only updates to 2.2.1 and either way its way cheaper!!

  3. Fausto

    @Danielle isn’t the Ascend a t-mobile 3g only phone?

  4. Fausto

    … And I believe on Metro PCS the Ascend doesn’t even get 3G, since the network does not support!

  5. Danielle

    No its the Huawei Ascend from metro & the whole 3g/4g thing doesn’t even apply. My area doesn’t even have 4g yet from metro.