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10 responses to “Follow-Up: Verizon’s Response to Today’s Network Management Changes”

  1. Jeff

    Why does the choice between AT&T and Verizon always feel like we are choosing between the lesser of two evils?

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  3. Manny

    Phone News went after Sprint for increasing their 3G data fee by $10 per month and whether a person can ETF out, but little is said over Verizon throttling data and AT&T offering IPhone users unlimited data but not other smartphone customers the same option. Sprint does not throttle data and is still cheaper than these two evils (AT&T and Verizon). The two biggest companies can treat their customers like crap and little is ever said. It is almost like some people only want Verizon and AT&T to remain and for the other two wireless companies to fail. I don’t get it!?

  4. Creighton

    @Manny Well Put!!

  5. Jon

    I’m all about the little companies. I’m with Verizon because unfortunately I’m a 48 state truck driver and need the coverage. I had Sprint and they opted me out because I used to much roaming in the midwest on my $99.00 “unlimited” plan. I told them that if they had more towers there would be less roaming. I also heard on here that they lost native coverage here in midwestern states due to AT&T purchasing altell’s markets that our discusting government forced Verizon to divest. So either way if you want real unlimited we have to back to the cord…. at least for now.

  6. robert

    Agreed Manny, pretty much BS on but we all can see who pays them …

  7. Christopher Price

    We are still talking with Verizon. While Sprint was direct on answering the ETF topic, Verizon has been rather cryptic.

    When Verizon clarifies their responses, and we will keep following up until they do, we will then tell you where things stand fully on the ETF.

    (We get more revenue from Sprint than Verizon, by the way).

  8. Phoneman

    It’s funny how Verizon “announced” this while the media was so caught up with the Egyptian revolution.

  9. Tommy

    Hehe, guess Manny, Creighton, and robert have egg on their face now.


  10. Creighton

    Lol I just thought Manny’s comment was well put that was all no comments on who pays who etc from me, & I like phonenews more & more actually 🙂 I do think Verizon & ATT are overhyped and overpriced but somebodys gotta be at the top and right now it’s them guess I root for the underdogs..Don’t like to throw my money away when Sprint is just fine for me. Of course I see phones come on other carriers that I like but it is what it is.