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4 responses to “Forget iPod touch – Moto G is $50 at Best Buy This Week”

  1. Peter

    But don’t I have to shell out $45.00 to activate the prepaid phone even for a day according to above link? Thanks for very useful info!

  2. Cesareo

    You forgot to mention that when you buy the moto g, you get 50 gigs of google drive strorage for two years!

  3. Name

    You don’t need to buy anything to activate it, just touch all 4 corners like it says on YouTube, that’s what I did with my $50 moto g

  4. Deborah Thompson

    Hello Christopher,
    Thanks for writing all this info on phones etc. A lot of this is a foreign language to me ( Im a nurse in a cardiac unit here in Oakland CA)
    but I’ve been looking around to get a new phone service as I hate all these 2 yrs contracts, besides it’s like HP ( higher purchase) not financially good.
    Anyway, I read you article on the Moto G and Pageplus service and also a more recent article on the phone news web site about Page Plus not accepting flashed phones come Jan 1st so my question is this.
    (i Called Page plus today and the woman English was not great)
    If I but a Moto G from say ebay that has been flashed with Verizon firm wear ( like you did) and buy this month, December, come January will it still work because it’s Verizon?
    just trying to get a good phone for myself and son without all the Costs ( I have AT&T, hate it)