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8 responses to “The Free Prepaid Phone Challenge Returns… With a Verizon Flip Camera Phone!”

  1. Tracy Teague

    I like the phone you all giving away for free.

  2. AmazinglySmooth

    Verizon’s prepaid seems to be the most expensive of any I’ve seen.

  3. JJ

    Its not really free. They charge $25 activation fee. This is not a good deal unless theres a way to avoid activation fee.

  4. deeskillz2000

    Chris, that $0.25 per minute, no daily charge calling plan by Verizon is already available. It’s been so for almost two weeks now.

  5. JJ

    The phone doesnt come out to be under $25 after you factor in the $25 activation fee and the $10 from verizon is credit not cash so you really can’t factor that into the price. It still is a good deal though since the phone on ebay is selling for over $30 used. Im ordering mine this week.

  6. dd

    problem is…verizon is claiming a “technical problem” with the phone…(per email from verizon) ordered athis from verizon mid feb…still haven’t received it…they want me to order a different (and much higher price) phone…I only use a cell phone 2x month max, and don’t text…so prepaid is a better deal for me…after being a verizon customer on a regular plan for over 3 years