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3 responses to “Fring Announces FringOut on Android”

  1. Flower Power

    It seems that fring is missing the dialpad functionality while on a call (or operator error on my part).
    This seems to be the biggest issue for me using fring on a windows mobile device.
    I wonder if they implemented this in the android version.

  2. Christopher Price

    This is one of those last-mile issues that we’re seeing on a lot of VoIP applications. Like we mentioned in our primer on VoIP on Monday, it’s all very new and these type of issues are going to show up.

    Gmail calling, for example, also has a broken dialpad while in a call.

  3. hiren

    hi i have fring AC but m forget my password and i try to opreat it bcoz in said 9euro so pz cerryforword it self tell me