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21 responses to “Fry’s Electronics is Selling Verizon MiFi for $70, Sans Contract”

  1. Jeff is offering a similar deal, but Clear seems to be the best of all if you are in a 4G area.

  2. SaltyDawg

    Wow this is a great deal. Is there an activation fee or any other fees?

    We don’t have fryes out here but I might have to grab one next time I’m out in Cali.

  3. rezrerezr

    Clear is horse****. Verizon FTW.

  4. Christopher Price

    There is no activation fee, and there’s also a 30 day money back guarantee on the first activation. If you cancel within 30 days and ask for a refund, they’ll refund the $49.95 service bill.

    If you don’t have Fry’s nearby, you can order online using the links at the bottom of the article.

  5. SaltyDawg

    Wow, nice work Chris. I may have to jump on this one.

  6. Benjamin A

    Has anyone found out what happens if you go over 5GB? Do you then start paying alacart, slowed down, or just come to a complete stop.

  7. DB

    Where do I go if I want to sell the 5GB 3G service for $49.99 per month? Do you go straight to VZW and ask to become an MVNO or do you have to go through an aggregator? If so, who should I contact?

  8. Christopher Price

    Benjamin A,

    You pay per megabyte. Just like Verizon. If I recall correctly, the rate is $.20 per megabyte.

  9. David

    Are you able to activate it on a per month basis? Say I need it for the month of June 2010 but not again until October 2010. Can I just shut it off at the end of June?

  10. Christopher Price

    David, yes, with Fry’s plans you can do that.

  11. Jeffrey Batchelor

    What does “no roaming” mean in the article?

  12. debbie

    anyone know when these will be back in stock?

  13. sygyzy

    I love the no contract, no activation or cancellation fees. It’s exactly how I dream MiFi on demand would work but honestly I would only use this 2-3 times a year while traveling. With that said,how long before this is obsolete? Isn’t Verizon rolling out “4G” in Fall? Do you think they’ll offer a similar device/plan?

  14. John

    Chris, in response to Jeffrey’s question about roaming you wrote “… you only get Verizon home network coverage.” What does “home” mean in this context? If you’re out of your home area code there is no service? I would use it when traveling in my RV. It’s not much use to me if service is available only near my residence.

  15. SaltyDawg

    @ John
    It simply means if you are roaming on Verizon, then you would not have service with this. If you have native Verizon coverage, you would be fine with this.

  16. jerry

    Hi, does anyone know if this can be unlocked and moved to another provider? Virgin Mobile just introduced a Mifi service which is prepaid and is more reasonable for the usage pattern i have. I don’t want to spend $149 for the Virgin Broadband Mifi when i already have this Fry’s one. Anyone know how to do this?

  17. Cheri

    It’s now November 2010, and when I called Fry’s in S. CA., they denied they had anything like this for sale. Said the only no-contractual wireless product they were selling was a USB plug-in for ONE (not five on mifi card) computer for 49.95 and then pay-as-you-go for 45.00 for 1gig only, or 75.00 for 2gigs. Is it possible the Fry’s that you purchased the card from was having a one time special? Do you know if the same store is offering this product any longer for the same cost?

    thank you