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4 responses to “Galaxy Nexus vs Nexus 4 – Clear Winners, Losers”

  1. Charles

    Thank you very much for a well done article….for those of us who really appreciate the Galaxy Nexus (in my case, Verizon), this article gives some important things to think about and some needed encouragement that this phone we love so much is one of the best around.

  2. Justin W

    Great article. I do want to clarify for those who think the way I do – when the author says that the GNex will be the first to get Android 4.2 JB, he means within those carriers – not of any Nexus device.

  3. Tom S

    Google isn’t innocent in all this. They promised two years of firmware updates for Nexus S with the Android Update Alliance.

    So where’s my Android 4.2. I don’t care if it’s Sprint/Samsung’s fault… it was Google’s promise.

  4. Matt

    Great article. Thanks.