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10 responses to “Giveaway: HP Fires 275 webOS Employees, We Give Away a Pre Case”

  1. Diana Lynch

    Thanks for the giveaway even though it is in light of a sucky matter!

  2. mark obrien

    the problem I see appears to be endemic at HP. Let’s announce a product in January with a lot of fanfare and introduce it 7 months later whilst other manufactures fly by. Now we announce open source in January and release in Sept. Watch as others fly by. They will make decisions before then. Shame. I am using a pre ( not plus ) and a touchpad. I have 3 daughters using Pixi plus. Amongst much ridicule . Our family are webOS fanatics. I worry about our hardware wearing out as we wait for a manufacturer to pick up webOS

  3. Daniel

    I’d love to have a case!

  4. Jaz

    Bring it on. My wife would love this case for her palm pre. Its her favorite phone. She chose the pre over android due to the ease of it plus how easy it is to “root” it. Hope I win. Thanks phonenews!

  5. Curtis Carmack

    Hope someone takes the WebOS torch. Would love to see this superior platform get some traction.

  6. Ken Hill

    I am a huge webos fan. I bought the original Pre on Sprint, switched to Verizon for the plus and now I’m in the process of purchasing the Pre2. I also have the TouchPad, which is awesome. This case would be perfect.

  7. mohaynes

    Thanks so much. I was just in a civilized debate with my best friend over WebOS and another OS platfom.

  8. Doris

    I would love to win it!

  9. Eric

    It would be so cool to have it.

  10. Lynna peters

    Have palm pre plus for sale. Has caused me nothing but GRIEF!