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87 responses to “Giveaway: Stockpiles of Paper Shredders (Please, please win one)”

  1. LP

    Always wanted one just never got one. THANKS

  2. Linda

    Thank you for the chance to win a shredder. How did you know we’ve been wanting one!?

  3. Debbie Parks

    I have been reduced to shredding with hand scissor shredders (you know the ones). I need to come into the 21st century. A decen paper shredder would free up my time so that I could do more interesting things, such as getting to my filing (ha!).

  4. Joy

    I’d like to enter! Thanks for this great contest.

  5. Laura

    I could use a new paper shredder.

  6. Sledgie

    I would love to win one. Or a samsung galaxy tab 🙂 but for now, a shredder, to throw away all my non compliant HIPPA “stationary”

  7. Shon

    15/57 thats a 25% chance of winning. I’ll take those odds.

  8. Carlos


  9. sunny

    Are there anymore left lol

  10. hung

    I hope I win…

  11. Tom

    “The waste bin is a pain in the rear to set up, fair warning.” Well hell, why wouldn’t I want one of these.

  12. Lakota

    I could use one.

  13. Jason

    So could I. Really kind of need it.

  14. Dan O'Neill

    I can start my own shredding business now!! LOL…

  15. Jose

    This is awesome

  16. Charlie

    Would be great could use one in my office :)…

  17. Dee

    I would love to win a shredder.

  18. marquita

    i could really use the shredder

  19. vernon

    i need it for school

  20. Steven Goldfein

    I wont win. 😛

  21. Ben

    Do you have one that can shred phones or a network? My HTC TP2 and AT&T are killing me.. So if you have one I can use to shred it, I’d appericate it! If not you can just send me the one for paper, and I’ll deal.



  22. Chip Watkins

    I could use a paper shredder

  23. Leon

    I’ll throw a comment out here for a chance of one. In need of one since mine died and since have filled up a big cardboard box of “to shred” papers in the closet.

  24. Chris Henderson

    I would really like a shredder. BTW. This is my favorite phone blog site!

  25. Claudio Zaragoza

    I would so like one. I have TONS and TONS of bills I have no intention of paying but yets the bills keep piling up. I need a shredder PLEASE! Out of site out of mind.

    I have been reading this site ever since and when. I used to work for Sprint and used this site alot to get the edge even before I knew the news as an employee. Anyways look forward to future news. Much techie luv.

  26. Barbara Mason

    This is an awesome idea and know that paper shredders very in price.
    Actually mine is not working so have been looking maybe one day i will come across the one i need and want. Thank you

  27. Cecil

    Hi there, I’d like one paper shredder.
    And from PhoneNews to boot .. good stuff.
    Thanks for thinking of us!

  28. Jeremy R Autry

    count me in

  29. Chris R

    Hey… I could really use the shredder for my stuff in my college apartment. Thanks PhoneNews! 🙂

  30. Lilli

    Fingers crossed!! 🙂

  31. Ben

    How will the winners be announced?


  32. Ben

    After further investing, I stumbled on the very last sentence in the article…
    “* At the end of the giveaway, we will contact you asking for your address. You must respond within 24 hours of the email being sent, with your address.” Well pie in my face…


  33. Ray Carroll

    Yea! I won one of the shredders!

  34. Chris

    I’d like one too if it’s not too late

  35. Brett Rawleigh

    Did the list of winners ever come out?