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Welcome to’s coverage of Google’s Chrome press conference.  This morning’s conference is expected to officially announce the release timeframe for Chrome OS as well as offering a timeframe for the availability of hardware and the Chrome Web Store

10:31- Sundara Pachai hits the stage
10:32 – Now showing the May figures for users at 70M and now confirms 120M users since then.
10:34- Major tech blogs report that Chrome represents the majority of their visitor traffic.
10:36 – Showcasing Google Instant on Chrome’s Omnibox with instant page loads
10:38 – Showcase of integrated PDF reader in Chrome with sandboxing and speed increases
10:39 – Showcase of Web GL with rendered aquarium, lighting and shadows being offloaded to GPU
10:41 – Now showcasing a rendered globe with earthquake overlays with full 3D space control also being rendered by WebGL
10:42 – The final demo showcases the human body in 3D space with full layering for the different systems and body parts
10:44 – Now showcasing the evolution of the V8 Javascript engine detailing the increase from 8x to 24x and a new enhancement “Crankshaft” claimed to be 50x faster than the last V8 update.
10:45 – Chrome Sync announced – exports and syncs setting/preferences to all other computers regardless of location and found in latest update
10:49 – Sandboxing in Chrome for security issues detailed as well as plug-ins.
10:51 – Chrome team confirmed to be working with Adobe to fully sandbox Flash.
10: 54 – Chrome Web Store being demoed

10:59 – NYTimes for Chrome announced with offline caching
11:02 – EA’s John Sheperd hits the stage to announce select titles such as Poppit with integrated payments in Web Store, Poppit also to be bundled with Chrome 9 for free
11:06 – Amazon announces Windowshop for Chrome
11:10 – Kindle for the Web Announced with new interface built for Chrome, available in Web Store next year
11:12 – is now available with further availability next year
11:15: “Chrome OS is nothing but the web”
11:16: Chrome OS being demoed, setup in less than a minute.
11:19: Standby and resume  in milliseconds
11:20: Sharing being demoed with Guest Mode enabled
11:23: Offline mode demonstrated with sync being enabled in the future
11:24: Offline mode with caching being demonstrated with a game.
11:25: Chrome OS hardware will ship with cellular modems, confirms plans for LTE integration and demo of Google Cloud Print.
11:26: Partnership with Verizon announced: 100MB of free data access per month with no contracts and unlimited day passes at $9.99. GOBI multi-mode modems confirmed.
11:31: Chrome OS security levels detailed – Verified boot, full data encryption and multiple levels of sandboxing.
11:34: In depth detail on Chrome OS for enterprise with Citrix demoing its platforms on Chrome OS
11:40: More boring enterprise demos
11:43: Recap of Chrome OS
11:45: Acer and Samsung announced as hardware partners with intel with launch in mid-2011
11:47: Chrome OS pilot program announced with Cr-48 reference hardware for selected users with jailbreak mode hardware switch for devs.  Businesses to deploy pilot programs.
11:49: Pilot program for consumers will involve Facebook giveaways, YouTube and selected Chrome users. also available for registration
11:54 Eric Schmidt on stage giving the closing monologue on the effect of Chrome and the recycling of ideas which led to Chrome OS.
12:04 Q&A session underway

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