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4 responses to “Google Confirms Motorola Xoom and Nexus S Left Off 4.2 Update List”

  1. Tom S

    I don’t see a single thing in Android 4.2 that keeps XOOM from updating to it. Not one. Planned obsolesence even spreads to the Googleplex. Sigh.

    When Ubuntu one day becomes the most popular mobile OS, these guys are really going to wish they hadn’t pulled crud like this.

  2. John dow

    Ubuntu may be popular with the tech crowd, the general mass hasn’t heard about it or care. I work retail for a mobile company and most people don’t care about android builds, they care about price more then anything.

  3. Tom S

    I’d say that’s because Canonical has been smart and avoided disaster. Ubuntu has cancelled at least three (by my count) mobile initiatives because they couldn’t take on Apple.

    I think the Nexus 7 release was the start of Canonical focusing full-time on mobile. They forked GNOME and can do what they want with the user interface.

    As to cost, the more patent suits Android gets, the more an OS like Ubuntu can be attractive in terms of cost too. Ubuntu isn’t rooted in Java, and has been sold on millions of machines without a single infringement case. It’s probably too late for anyone to go after Ubuntu, not so with Android.

  4. John dow

    That’s possible if they have a nice phone at a low cost people will buy it. From what I seen, cost, camera mp and screen size is what people look for.