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4 responses to “Google Confirms Nexus One Issues Due to 3G Coverage, Radio Issues”

  1. Mike Milano

    I just purchased a Nexus One today, Jan 25th and would like a notification of when the correction to the radio firmware is available. Thank you.

    Michael J Milano

  2. robert

    Now for the record, I’m a G1 user and the nexus looks sweet! But let’s get to the root of the problem. Hmm… iphone is top of the line for a reason. Hello HTC CEO’S and GOOGLE, the iphone “DOCKS” to things. The iphone has 8 gigs, 16 gigs, 32 gigs INTERNAL memory not SD card expanded. (Hint Hint) people! If you want to compete with the iphone for real, then you guys need to get on their level. Imagine, what would Android and Nexus be like with good internal memory and with the ability to DOCK to things. Remake the phone gentlemen! Impress me and give us all something to believe in! Take the iphone down, PLEASE!

  3. Christopher Price

    Robert, Google’s upcoming Nexus One dock will offer wireless Bluetooth Stereo audio relaying to a home theater, as well as possibly photo and video outputs.

  4. Dustin

    The iPhone is the worst excuse for a smartphone period. Lack of customization, poor duribility, very late on the SMS features which have been there when it was released. AT&T’s coverage just makes things even worse. I’ve had 5 iPhones, 1 2G, x3 3G’s, and x2 3GS’s. The only way the iPhone could have even got close to competing to any other smart phone was the JailBreak. Thanks to the MEDIA and the COMMUNITY, the iPhone was made into a semi-decent phone. Apple did a crappy job, and AT&T well that’s self explainitory.