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4 responses to “Google Delays Honeycomb Source Release to Developers”

  1. David Lee

    This is exactly why I returned my xoom!!!!!! Without developers having access, the platform is dead in the water. Delays will only increase apple’s lead.

  2. michael retchin

    wow, its not closed forever people!!! they’re going to open honeycomb when they finish patching it to work on phones. That could take another few weeks, but the sdk is still out there! how can anyone say that good crop of software and apps won’t be made if they don’t have the honeycomb aosp version? come on! they’ve released the sdk, which is all someone needs to develop an app. Trust me, devs by NO MEANS necessarily need to use the entire source code. can someone please explain to me why the sdk isn’t enough to make an app? apps ARE going to be developed, and if your going to return your xoom to motorola, give it to me! “delays”? really?

  3. Christopher Price

    Google should release the code within the confines of the open source laws. Their largess does not permit them to bend, break, or ignore those agreements. In fact, it compels them to a more strict adherence.

    Google is free to update Honeycomb and issue an updated source code release. But that is no excuse to delay the release of the code one single day after the Motorola XOOM launched.

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