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28 responses to “Google Kills Off Motorola Webtop, Grabs Defeat from Jaws of Victory – Verizon Fire Sales Lapdocks”

  1. boone simpson

    I have some webtop devices, and while they are far from perfect, they work for me. I do hope the open source code ( lives on in community roms for future devices possibly even beyond Motorola’s/Google’s devices.

    I will be upset if I bought into webtop (which remember were incredibly high priced at launch) only to be abandoned less than a year.

  2. Tom S


    That code is old and stale. It’s from the Webtop 1.0/2.0 days. Webtop 3.0 is totally different. It’s an augmentation for Android that lets Android apps run in the >10-inch tablet orientation.

    You’ll see when your phone gets upgraded to Android 4.0. That old code is a joke and why Webtop got such a bad reputation.

  3. Jimmy

    Webtop will live on in Ubuntu for Android. I bet Google killed Webtop in order to give Canonical some breathing room there.

    Ubuntu for Android is really what Webtop 2.0 was (I wouldn’t be surprised if Motorola contracted it out to Canonical, looking at the source code), and while it’s not the same as Webtop 3.0… Ubuntu for Android is much better than anything Webtop ever offered.

  4. boone simpson

    I didn’t realize that sourceforge link didn’t include any of the webtop 3.0 stuff.

    I have been using 3.0 for a few months (via droid 4 ICS leak) and it certainly performs better, however the “tablet” UI feels clunky without a touchscreen ( which if I could find a capacitive touchscreen to add to my lapdock 500 I would).

    Moreover, with Google removing webtop entirely from the new RAZR models where does that leave people who have lapdocks?

    Hopefully since webtop is basically a “switch” to change the layout to tablet mode, Android will continue to support the hardware (complete with driver support for the ethernet / webcam, etc)

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  6. cooldoods

    I just hope this means that Ubuntu for Android will be a major part of Google’s plans for Android moving forward.

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  8. William Smith

    So, where does this leave existing Webtop 3.0 customers? Will software updates trickle in (I’m looking at you, Adobe Flash) or is this as good as it gets? As someone who talked their sister into getting a Droid Razr Maxx and the HD dock BECAUSE of Webtop just a couple of months ago this is not happy news…

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  12. Rickster

    The concept was sound and set it apart from iPhone. The pencil geeks totally screwed this product to the wall from the beginning, and customers who bought into it (like myself — Moto 4G) along with it. Right now I’m buying up some of the remaining accessories and will wait to see how the wireless wars play out over the next year. I bought mine all of 14 months ago and am astounded, and quite frankly put off, at the frantic pace of planned obsolescence and total lack of commitment to products by Moto (now Google). My device isn’t a tablet and Webtop 3.0 was not what I bought into. Just give me the ability to dock a single device and use full browser experience when I need it, and when I don’t I can make do with tablet-centric interfaces.

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  16. BioThunder

    To drop backwards compatibility from the new High End Motorola Phones from the LapDock, is an error of epic proportion! The idea of tying a Smart Phone to a Dock Station is brilliant. In the year 2000, I attended a seminar at Comdex that was hosted by Bill Gates and he introduced the concept of the Electronic Tablet and absolutely nothing was done with the idea, until Apple got hold it. The rest is history and now everyone is trying to play catch up. Bad decisions can indeed sink a Company. Someone better wake up, quickly!

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  20. Nit

    [ software tweak that unlocked Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on lapdock 100 ] : Can you please give link for details. I would like to use them in BT fashion. Thanks!

  21. Steve

    Using an HDMI cable to an HD TV without the dock is not a *hack*. It simply works, and works well. I have JB on my DROID 4 and use the HDMI cable all the time, along with a bluetooth mouse that paired flawlessly and a bluetooth keyboard. That and sticking a 64gb SD card so I have a total of 80gigs of storage space makes this a nifty little portable laptop – especially for hotels. The keyboard on the DROID 4 works well for the hotel purposes so you don’t have to lug that around. But I had to try it at home just to see how nice it would work – and it works flawless. I’m really sad to hear webtop won’t be enabled in future phones… That sucks. I really enjoyed this feature.

  22. theox

    I’m still using it – right now in fact. The reason they killed webtop has nothing to with anything mentioned here. The real reason is twofold.

    1. having a lapdock gets the user “free” 4G and that makes Verizon etc sad.
    2. Lapdock replaces (or would eventually replace as the phones get more powerful) a tablet, phablet, netbook, chrome book, laptop, external keyboard and mouse, and anything else. This makes everybody else sad. The MS Surface doesn’t even compare in form and function – you still have to have a phone, sync that phone with the Surface, and pay extra for the 4G on Surface or a hotspot. What a rip off!

    Lapdock was the best thing to happen to smart phones and consumers. Even now, 2014, people who see my Lapdock are jealous – they wish their iPhone 6 could do that.

    If M$ was smart, they would resurrect the Lap dock – but with Windows capability. It would kick arse.