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8 responses to “Google No Longer Planning Updates for Nexus One Reception Issues”

  1. rizzo

    Has Google fixed the hardware in the phone? Do I need to not get one when Sprint releases it?

  2. Jeff

    Glad I didn’t order one to try out. I’ve been having 3G issues with my iPhone and wanted to try another phone hoping it might be better. Guess it won’t be a Nexus One.

    When will the Nexus Two be available?

  3. WTF Google

    So the Nexus One isn’t even a year old has defective hardware and you can’t mail it in for a replacement phone, is Google f-ing serious? Man I thought Apple had dictatorship problems. So now 5 months later I’m sitting here debating do I want the EVO or not. I know that HTC is making the phone but does Google mandate the specifications are does HTC? Hopefully the CDMA chipset technology isn’t broken like the GSM variant. Does anyone know how Google or T-Mobile failed on this endeavor I’d be curious to know the background on this?

    If this is Google’s fault and you can’t even change or upgrade your hardware for free, then bring on the class action lawsuits people!!!

  4. F1

    “we recommend that you try changing your location or even the orientation of your phone,”???!

    That sure sounds alarming to me, as a serious prospective consumer of this product, I am seriously reconsidering this option.

    Would Google at the very least, care to elaborate?

    1.Change location?
    Change place of residence & move?
    Change Employment and or Office location?

    2.Orientation of phone?
    What exactly do they mean? Care for any examples?

    I would never think that Google would blatantly drop support of the company’s inaugural device, very disappointed to say the least, I hope they reconsider their position shortly.

    Thank You

  5. Christopher Price

    I suspect this issue won’t affect the Sprint or Verizon versions of the device. It’s possible this required a hardware revision of their UMTS radio, and fixing it would mean a mob rush of people sending in warranty claims… especially since the Nexus One is a superphone intended for the most savvy users.

    Faced with that, I’m not surprised Google doesn’t want to fix the T-Mobile issue.

    The only questionable device would be the UMTS 850/1900/2100 version meant for Canada and AT&T. The jury is still out as to if that version of the device suffers from the same issues.

  6. JJ

    I think google doesnt want to loose too much money on warranty claims like Christopher said. I think they are going to fix the issue when it comes out for Sprint or Verizon. Plus I think part of the problem could be the ATT network. Just look at all the signal issues with the Iphone. I think it will be okay. It just sucks for those who have a nexxus and are having issues.
    Oh well. I think the phones that have htc sense are better than the nexxus anyway. Hopefully att or tmobile will come out with one to help these customers out and offer them a swap or discount of some kind.

  7. Duker

    wait for the EVO!!!

  8. JP

    I just emailed Google about a refund for my Nexus One( AT&T 3G compatible version). My handset suffers from the “no service” issues that so many people are complaining about. Missed calls, never receiving messages etc. I did NOT have these issues with my Iphone and other 3G compatible devices so I do not believe it has anything to do with AT&T’s network/service. It’s all really unfortunate as the phone is pretty great otherwise. I hope Google is smart about this because a class action is most definitely looming.