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13 responses to “Google Quietly Rolling Out Froyo on Nexus One? (Updated)”

  1. F1

    I am seriously considering the Nexus one with T.Mobile, as a secondary service provider, now that GOOGLE will provide it with “FROYO”, there is no more attractive buy on ANDROID for me, I wish it had a keyboard.

    SPRINT to me, at best is only good for DATA, I don’t get at least 30% of my text messages, unless they are initiated by SPRINT tech support, also someone could be standing next to me, calling me on a SPRINT phone, if it does appear at all, it takes six seconds for it to show up on my phone as an incoming call, the best part is when it beeps to tell me that they left a voice mail, some SIX and a half hours later !!
    Outgoing calls can take from five seconds to twenty five seconds to actually connect, that is if it does connect.
    So much for the “NOW” network. By the way this has been taking place for over a decade now, the locations are STUDIO CITY & SHERMAN OAKS, some of the trendiest cities in Los Angeles county!

    Thank You

  2. phonejunkie

    that is weird to me since i have never experience the same issues your are having with sprint, and i also live in sherman oaks, probably you must have a defective phone

  3. F1

    @ phonejunkie

    Hi Neighbor!
    I am on my 4th Palm Pro 850 since June 2009,
    Tier 2 @ SPRINT says it sounds like either a Software glitch on MS Mobile 6.1, or a faulty/ bad Radio, ironically this phone is supposed to have one of the most powerful Radios on any phone, however, their solution is to replace it a 5th time with the same device, per policy!!!

    Thank You

  4. Christopher Price

    F1, you may be able to ask the next time it needs to be replaced if they can check the DHRP equivalent device replacement list. Sometimes a supervisor can override policy and swap it out with a comparable device, provided you have made several replacements already with the same phone.

  5. JJ

    My mom has the same phone and she has the same exact issues you are talking about. Maybe the phone will work better with a custom rom. It probably is your MS software that is glitching up.

  6. JJ

    Maybe they will let you know get into the samsung intrepid. Same type of design as the palm pro and its a world phone with win 6.5

  7. F1

    @ Chris & JJ

    After one hour of talking,Tier 2 transfered me to the so called repeat offender, “multiple same device exchange” department,only,
    to tell me as long as they have an inventory of the Palm Pro 850, which they “have and will have for quite sometime to come”,and there is no way around it, although the supervisor sounded very understanding of my experiences, but he made it clear that he has no where else to go regarding a potential exchange.

    I n short change your plan, get an Android

  8. F1


    I will never again buy an MS OS device period,Microsoft is a disgrace of a company to me! Anything but MS, Android seems to me the best choice.

    Thank You kindly gentlemen !

  9. JJ

    I am also furious with MS. I would have switch to android on the 1st day of the hero release but sprint screwed me and all us sero users. In the end I will stick with my tp2 as long as I can and my last resort again will be filing a report with ftc and bbb and if that doesn’t work then I will just get an android.

  10. F1


    You mentioned “custom ROM”,
    I wish I could get Android on this phone, do you know if there is an Android ROM for the Palm Pro 850 ?
    By the way the store refused to follow Tier 2’s instruction on “flashing” the Hero’s 1.6 on my phone, also I don’t want to pay extra for 4G, when there is none in Los Angeles, even “Retention” advised against getting the EVO before 4G makes it to LA, will see what June will bring this time around!

    Thank You

  11. Christopher Price

    F1, the only custom ROMs for the Treo Pro are to upgrade it to Windows Mobile 6.5.

    There are currently no efforts in the hacking community to port Android to the phone. Flashing the Treo Pro with HTC Hero firmware is impossible… it just doesn’t work that way.

  12. JJ

    Like christopher said it just wouldn’t work on this phone. I don’t think it could ever handle it. Plus they have some type of android rom for the TP2 and I’m just unwilling to try that with all the hoops you have to jumpt to even port it to the phone,not to mention a lot of features don’t work yet.

    If I make the switch to android it will be on a full android phone and thats what I recommend. Even though the processor isn’t 1ghz I still really like the sprint hero,especially with the new update. Maybe a new hero will be out soon.

    I will just wait for a non 4g android with a faster processore and make the jump to android then. I was going to give windows phone 7 a chance but at this point the only reason I’m doing that is to see if windows phone 7 will be allowed on sero. If not, then Microsoft lost another customer. I’ll be sticking with sprint. Even with me paying more its still the best deal around. I only wish virgin mobile had an android so I could get their 300 min $25 plan.

  13. F1

    Well when all hope fades….the actual choices become more evident and clearer, thank you both, kindly for shedding the light on this foggy chapter!

    Over the past month, I have been conducting my own, non scientific, micro survey on others in the area (Los Angeles), regarding their carrier choices.
    Interestingly, no one was truly happy, yet they all seemed more or less happy with their device of choice, however,
    several people described my experiences, as duplicating and being similar to their own, with MetroPCS and with SPRINT on “other” devices, i.e delayed messaging, irregardless of voice or text messages seems to be rampant!
    Interestingly, VZW is not immune or perfect either,
    however on the other hand, GSM with AT&T/ T.Mobile seems to drop more calls than the CDMA SPRINT/ VZW carriers.

    I might have to seriously consider having two carriers,
    too bad the “World phones”, are not unlocked, hence preventing me of having one device with both systems here at home, maybe there is a way around that!

    Thank You