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2 responses to “Google Reader Users, Take Action Now to See the Upcoming!”

  1. Jason Greb

    I will miss Google Reader very much and use it for, but unfortunately have not found a replacement that I am happy with. So I am giving up on feeds entirely for now (it was mostly junk anyway such as the Cheezburger networks). I’ve been a reader for several years now. I already have PhoneNews in my Twitter feed, and just now followed on Google+. I haven’t noticed much content on the Twitter feed however. Will we see article links posted on Twitter and Google+ so that users can keep up with the sites content?

  2. Christopher Price

    Currently we post highlights and selected articles on Twitter, especially things like deal coverage where there’s a ticking clock on taking action. If we see a lot of Google Readers users switching to Twitter, we’ll expand how much we tweet there.

    As to Facebook and Google+, we’ve resisted using cheap tools that just regurgitate every single article, but at the cost of not really doing much with either. Like many webmasters, we’ve hoped Google would offer a Google+ API, but it hasn’t materialized yet.

    As to Facebook, we could be doing a better job there, and we aim to alongside a content relaunch coming soon.