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7 responses to “Google Revises Verizon Galaxy Nexus Specs, Deletes 32GB Version”

  1. Jtep13


  2. Kevin

    if you check out this from Samsung Canada you will notice it states 16gb user and expandable 32 gb micro sd, I called samasung canada and they siad if that is what the webpage states, it is true, because their web page does not lie. Seriously that is what John from Samsung Canada told me

  3. DB

    Unbelievable! First they jerk their customers around by playing marketing games with the release date, and now this. Because we want to make sure we can peddel those POS Razors and Bionics. Wouldn’t want customers to be able to choose, because noone would by the Motorola’s and we cant have that.

    Now it seems for some inexplicable reason we need to play the same game with 16gb/32gb. Make sure we sell the ones noone will buy if they actually had a choice. Screw Verizon! I just decided they can take their LTE and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I’m switching to T-Mobile!

  4. Kevin

    I know that, you know that, we all know that, except for Samsung Canada, again yesterday I called them to tell them that their website was wrong. But they still insist that if its on their website it has to be true. I even asked to escilate the call. When I spoke with the supervisor I was still told that if the website says it it’s true. Anyways when I go to finaly buy my GN I will indeed take a printed version of the webpage with me.

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