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5 responses to “Google Updates Search and Maps for Android in the Middle of CES”

  1. JailBird

    How exactly was this a stealth update? It was a normal Market update, with a change log on the both the Market & the blog! That’s pretty unstealthy in my book!

  2. Sam

    I believe the “stealthy” part is that Google automatically has Android Market auto-update Google apps, even without your consent.

    If you have metered data, this can ruin your day. Google has made some steps in the right direction, you can now tell Market to only update apps over Wi-Fi, but still, Google should allow users to disable all auto-updates (primarily, their own).

    It’s a bit antitrusty, as Google decided that their apps should get preferential treatment (forcing auto-update on their apps by default), despite claiming Android market is an open platform.

  3. JailBird

    No. Google Market only auto-updates apps if you specifically turn it on at both the Market level *AND* per-app inside the Market. It’s definitely not out-of-the-box. Even so, the notification bar still tells you it updated, which is hardly stealth!

  4. Sam

    Uh, no. At least on my phone, when I do a master reset, it magically automatically updates Google’s apps. Tears through data on my AT&T GoPhone if I don’t shut it off. That wasn’t a manufacturer add, it was done by Google.

    16 MB on a 2GB T-Mobile plan may not be a lot, but try it on Page Plus $29 plan… that’s 16% of my data plan!

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