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6 responses to “Hackers take Palm GPS Fix to 1.0, Verizon & Palm Continue Looking Into It”

  1. Ryan


    Meanwhile a year ago I had the same problem with Google Maps on my BB Tour on Sprint. There were active discussion on multiple forums that I e-mailed to Phonenews that confirmed the problem (with Sprint and Google Remaining Silent on the Issue). I asked for a little media exposure to help bring the issue to light and got no response.

    Thanks for picking and choosing your GPS not-working-in-external apps,

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  3. Christopher Price

    Ryan, our understanding was that Sprint had acknowledged and fixed that issue as part of an OS 5 update. We didn’t cover it in large part because Sprint and RIM owned up to the issue, and demonstrated a commitment to fixing it. That has not happened here, to our knowledge.

  4. Joseph

    We are not HACKERS… We are Homebrewers.. Hacking implies that we are doing things we are not allowed to do.. Palm fully supports the Homebrew community

  5. Christopher Price

    Joseph, any long time reader of can tell that we cast no negative light on the term hacking.

    As I’ve commented over on other sites where this has caused some consternation, the issue here is that the GPS Fix requires a patch for VZ Navigator, which Palm considers extending beyond what is homebrew. You must install the modification in Preware, which is a complex process for the average user looking to make their GPS work properly.

    It’s homebrew, and it’s a hack. And it’s all great, I’m not sure why people are being pedantic over it.

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