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3 responses to “Have a non-Verizon Page Plus Device? You might want to activate it… now.”

  1. Steven

    I stayed with Page Plus for a long time but finally the inability to use newer phones caused me to move four lines to an AT&T MVNO. The AT&T MVNO has better data coverage (since Page Plus doesn’t all roaming for data) but poorer voice and text coverage (since U.S. CDMA coverage is much greater than U.S. GSM coverage). The AT&T MVNO is also slightly less expensive than Page Plus for the number of minutes, texts and MB of data we use.

    I’ve steered a lot of people to Page Plus over the years but they too are getting frustrated with the phone choices.

    I may re-activate one CDMA phone on Page Plus for when we do road trips into non-urban areas.

    I guess that there’s no way for Verizon to allow 4G LTE phones on its MVNOs, but to only allow them to operate on 3G. This is what some AT&T and T-Mobile MVNOs do.

  2. Eddioe


    “(since U.S. CDMA coverage is much greater than U.S. GSM coverage)”

    This is not so. AT&T covers around 97% of the same areas as Verizon for both voice and data as of the beginning of 2014.

  3. ronl2k

    There are several T-Mobile MVNOs that offer 4g.