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10 responses to “Helio Looking to Buy Out Virgin Mobile (Updated)”

  1. Don Louie the 2nd

    “With talks between Sprint and T-Mobile taking place for a possible merger…”

    Wow, thats a pretty bold statement there. Just because DT is possibly entertaining the idea that in no way implies that Sprint is on board at all.

  2. Don Louie the 2nd

    The WSJ article states that T-Mobile is weighing a bid. Not even close to “talks are taking place for a merger.”

  3. Don Louie

    I don’t whether to be flattered or upset that my name is being infringed upon, wonder what will come of both talks and MetroPCS and Leap for that matter they were talking before the auction

  4. Don Louie the 2nd

    haha yeah, i posted after you on another news item so i thought i would be creative…

  5. Steve Askal

    Actually, there were rumors before(roughly March) about T-Mobile buying Sprint but now they are in talks.

  6. Don Louie the 2nd

    Says who?

  7. Don Louie the 2nd

    And those rumors in March were not rumors. it was an analyst’s opinion that it might be a good idea for T-Mobile to do that to avoid a price war.

  8. Steve Askal

    Actually no. They were rumors before but now its a fact that tmobile is looking to buy sprint to increase their numbers as they launched 3g. And sprint is also thnking about it. Try to look up the news in more than one place. Ull be surprised. This article is accurate for both cases. Sprint has been approached but they haven’t given an answer to join the ‘table’ as yet!!

  9. Don Louie the 2nd

    Can i get a source? That’s fine if it’s printed somewhere i just want to read it.

  10. Christopher Price