Helio Ocean 2 Details Surface

Engadget Mobile has revealed what it claims as the first image and details of the heretofore unannounced successor to the Helio Ocean multimedia device manufactured by Pantech.

The new device is expected to have 1GB of internal memory up from the 256MB of the original model along with a microSDHC expansion slot, a 3 megapixel camera with 30fps VGA video capture, upgraded browser with Flash support for direct viewing of video streaming sites such as YouTube and other types of sites without dedicated applications, and a touch-sensitive directional pad while still retaining the dual slider form factor.

Further information suggests that the device is expected as soon as July with Best Buy now expected to carry the device along with the rest of the current lineup from the MVNO once a highly speculated distribution deal is finalized between both companies, though this can change at anytime.

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  1. alex

    http://www.helioncity.com has better pictures of the ocean 2 on their home page.