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3 responses to “Holding Company Sues Apple, AT&T, Others Regarding Patents”

  1. Gary

    You would think that after losing one similar case and $21.7 million, Apple would not make the same mistake twice?

  2. Aolee

    And why would SmartPhone Technologies LLC file a patent case if they knew Apple already avoided the previous patent care? Apple should have not started this patent suing nonsense, now other company is starting to imitate the patent suing cr4p. hahaha.

  3. Joe

    Apple didn’t start anything. If you guys bothered to research you would see that Apple was the one sued first. What’s more, you guys all seem to forget or simply do not realize how long Apple has been around and how huge their patent portfolio is. Apple has been doing interfaces, operating systems and devices since the 70’s! All these other companies are jonny-come-latelys. If you guys bothered (or cared) to look you would come to realize that it’s quite probable that given the HUGE size Apple’s patent portfolio, these other companies are stealing Apple’s intellectual property.