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12 responses to “Hours Remaining II: Verizon Talk & Text with Unlimited Data Promo Plans”

  1. Christopher

    Humberto, great posting. It’s too bad these are limited time only. As much as I love Sprint, Verizon could really put the hurt on ’em if they kept these plans around longer term.

  2. TYEH

    This is old information and only for customers that received an email invite.

  3. Christopher Price

    Not true. The offer was expanded internally both by zip code and to all existing customers in qualifying zip codes. We tested this throughly before filing our report.

  4. Tyeh

    If this were true then the phone number listed would be operational until midnight which it was not as of 3 hours ago. Also if its zip code specific, it does not apply to every existing customers.

  5. Tyeh

    The post is misleading and not very accurate. Its obvious that it came from someone’s email. What kind of test was performed to verify this? I am just curious.

  6. Christopher Price

    We reported on this plan long ago. The post is not misleading or inaccurate. We reported at the time that Verizon was using email to promote the plan, however, Verizon has told that the qualification is by zip code.

    As soon as we found out it had been expanded, we reported it. The deal ending sparked many additional people to call in and try to lock in the plan, and when they achieved success, they contacted us using our anonymous contact form. It’s that simple people. From there, we called Verizon and asked ourselves to get independent verification.

    And, the assertion that a phone number must be operational until midnight is nonsensical. Stores close, offers end. Sorry you didn’t get the deal!

  7. WrongInformation

    Called last night NO go…

    Chris and Phone news you were dead wrong on this one.. It was only for certain people

  8. TYEH

    I think you are missing the point which is…..why post an article misleading people that everyone can get the discount when it only applies to a certain zip code???? Just mention all of the details in the article next time or do not post inaccurate information!!!!!

  9. Christopher Price

    We could not find zip codes that were exempted. In fact, most of the people that were denied, from our tests, were denied because a CSR thought the promotion had already expired.

    Also, keep in mind, that with hours remaining, we weren’t going to hold back our reporting to add additional clarifications. Just as many people would have been angry with us had we done that.

    In any event, it’s a moot point as the offer has ended. We’d rather people try and get the deal, than be angry at us for not telling them about it.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t I’m afraid.

  10. Creighton

    Cant believe I actually wasted time considering trying to get this for a min lol. Still not better then Sprint no Any Mobile no nights at 7 plus I have twenty percent discount. And now on Family plan maybey I just thought it looked good because Verizon is sooo overpriced but millions dont mind paying them..

  11. Creighton

    It’s still avail I called to check

  12. Creighton

    @Christopher Price and others Verizon is shady and liars I tried to get because I was considering. I got one agent more then happy to sign me up I told her I got the email but then I wasnt ready I didnt get her ext called back another said impossible the offer ended the 30th I could tell she just wasn’t willing then got another but too much work trying to get the phone I want from best buy etc and then she saw something else I used to have I shouldnt have said on an old acct that was cleared. Anyway there being selective and depends who ya get because one agent said theres currently no end date on the offer and another said she has no way to add it that its over as of the 30th even though I told her I got the email the 31st then she tried to say well you should have called. Screw them and there still over priced plans! Sticking with Sprint ok done Venting lol. Mainly just wanted to let others here know!!!