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7 responses to “How Google Maps Navigation for Windows Mobile… Could Help Android”

  1. RonaldVegan

    Google Maps Navigation for Windows Mobile? Great. Now, let’s see Google step up and offer something sorely needed — a decent Gmail app for WM.

  2. Lol

    Or perhaps you could switch to the wave of the future, like an Android phone or an iPhone ?

  3. RonaldVegan

    I’m doint quite well riding the wave of the past, thank you, with or without a stellar Gmail app.

  4. Don D

    Stupid article. Author says either people will cling on to WinMo 6 due to Google maps or they’ll move to Android. Lame conclusion. Why doesn’t the author think that Bing maps could be released with free navigation for Windows phones? The article is talking as if Google maps is the only navigation app on planet that is or will be free ever. Very hasty to run into conclusions. Sorry sir, you are a bad visionary.

  5. Joe K

    Looks like Don did not read the whole article. Christopher clearly said that Bing could add free navigation, but Microsoft is so far in the crudster, that their priority now is on fixing the platform itself.

    Google doesn’t need to save a platform, and this plan sounds like an easy way for Google to hurt Microsoft. Even if you’re right… have you used Bing on mobile??? That app can’t handle the basics, they are years away from nav. Google isn’t. Microsoft could do it, Google could hurt MS in the wallet big time for that kind of expediting.

    Smart article.

  6. Deng

    Is the article suggesting that in the next few days Google will be releasing Google Maps Navigation for Windows Mobile? Or is it merely looking hypothetically, saying if they were to release it soon, this might be the effect? Thanks.

  7. Lare

    Only after reading Deng’s comment do I realize that he is right. THIS ARTICLE IS ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL AND HENCE ALMOST USELESS.

    Please, Chris, if you’re going to write a blue-sky article about how you’d like the world to be, use words like “hypothetical” and “if this were to happen.” Don’t use words like “today” and “tomorrow.” I wasted time actually looking for this mythical application that will almost certainly never appear.