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350 responses to “How To: Add GPS to HTC Mogul – XV6800 – P4000 – Titan”

  1. Ben

    I want to thank all that were involved in this process. My question is that I updated my Verizon XV6800 with no major issues. However, I can’t seem to get the GPS to actually work. Using google maps it just sits there seeking the satellites and sometimes when it thinks it finds them I am somewhere in south Carolina instead of Massachusetts.

  2. Steve

    Just as an update. I was able to get my phone working again by downloading and installing the latest ROM update at the Alltel site.

    I think what went wrong was trying to run the radiofirm update before updating the ROM with the new Alltel software.

  3. Monica

    The installer files to add GPS to HTC Mogul does not work. Does anyone have any suggestions or alternatives? (Hard-SPL-240-MFG.exe Titan-Radio_3.27.00.exe)

  4. Tyson

    Link is not working, is their another place we can download this to get the GPS to work?

  5. How to Enable the GPS, Verizon XV6800 -

    […] me rolling. BUT, they are old and there are newer roms. Read the XDA DEVELOPERS forum carefully. How To: Add GPS to HTC Mogul – XV6800 – P4000 – Titan | If you want the ‘easy’ button, you will need to wait (and wait and wait) for VZW to release it. I […]

  6. Shawn

    I did this upgrade on my Verizon XV6800 and now I no longer have my modem so I can’t use my phone to tether. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

  7. Jimbo

    Well my phone won’t run the unlocker. At All… I get the error: The file ‘Hard-SPL-240-MFG’ cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file.

    What do I do? I have tried a bunch of different downloads. One of the others gave me: ‘Hard-SPL-MFG’ is not a valid Pocket PC application.

    TitanUnlocker, direct from the guy that made it gives me: File or assembly name ‘System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=B77A5C561934E089’, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

    Then after that error makes me press “Quit”, it closes and then another error pops up: .NET CF Initialization Error The application failed to load required components. If the.NET Compact Framework is installed on a storage card, please ensure that this card is in place and launch the application again. If this fails, a re-installation of the >NET Compact Framework is recommended. Support info: -2147483643 (80000005)


  8. Shawn

    After unlocking my phone, I no longer have access to MMS. Can anyone help me?

  9. Trevor Wiebe

    I realized that if you follow the instructions perfectly, the GPS function works. Thank you soo much! My HTC P4000 is faster, more responsive when switching menues and keyboard slide out. I downloaded google maps and thus far its great. Office is already on my phone….

    Thanks again for such great genius work.

  10. Jim

    The links don’t seem to work. Does someone still have the working files?

  11. Tim

    Theres a new update you can get straight from the htc site.
    Heres the link

  12. Glen

    Well, the phone is working now. The good news is the posted updates now allow me to use an 8GB micro-SD card in the phone. The bad news is a) The GPS STILL does not work, and b) I lost several of the default programs that came with the phone INCLUDING the voice dialing feature which pretty much makes trying to call anyone while driving an exercise in multiple MVA’s! Can anyone point me to where I can reapply updates to get the voice dialing back? More importantly can anyone explain why this procedure didn’t work? I downloaded everything, and followed instructions to the letter, but I still get nowhere. Please help.

  13. Eli

    Hi everybody.

    I currently have an lg-vx8300, and I feel that I am stuck in the stone age of the mobile phone. Luckily my contract with verizon expired, so I am getting the xv6800 in a few days. I am definately going to unlock this gps feature, beacause it would be awesome. The only doubt I have is that at the top of the guide, it says, “Keep in mind that gpsOne is not autonomous GPS, you will need to have home network coverage in order to maintain a GPS lock.” Does this mean I need to have a data plan or something extra from verizon wireless? I REALLY would like to know, because I’m getting their 10 MB per month deal, but I’m wondering if I should get their unlimited deal.



  14. KrushR

    Followed the instructions, everything worked perfectly.

    Problem is, that DCD 2.10 ROM doesn’t have camera or sound! This renders the phone all but useless for me. Anyone have a suggestion for a better OS rom? I don’t want to learn to do it all myself, so i’d rather just load a rom over the top of this one.

  15. KrushR

    lawls. then I read the middle/end of the thread and realize it’s an incredibly old rom. RTFM! 😀

  16. Mike

    whats rtfm?
    having the gps work is nice, but not worth it for the OS. it sucks compared to stock.
    Is there a way to unlock GPS with the original rom?? Does anybody still work on this model??

  17. nitekram

    I am getting stuck on the 3 colored screen – it will not connect via activesync

    using xv6800
    activesycn 4.5

    any help?

  18. PaulBoutin

    @ Tim

    How bad would it be to update to 6.1 with the HTC download ( if I have a VZW XV6800?
    Seems it would be a quick and convenient upgrade to GPS, etc but would I “hose” my phone because it’s the wrong carrier?


  19. Eli

    can somebody list for me all the stuff that is not in this rom, but is in verizon’s stock rom?

  20. Eli

    Also, can you use other versions of the dcd rom? like 3.2.6

  21. Frenchie

    Can someone help me locate the Hard-SPL-240-MFG.exe file.
    For some reason it is not available on this site anymore and I cannot find it anywhere on the NET.
    I searched google far and wide and all the link come back to this site.


  22. PaulBoutin

    According to the news on the website linked to above, there is a WM 6.1 upgrade for the Verizon XV6800 but I can find nothing on the HTC or VZ websites.
    Any ideas?


  23. PaulBoutin
  24. masterpickle

    Does the above ^^^^^ update from UTStar do all the same things as “hacked” update?

  25. Mike

    The new rom worked great!!! 6.1 is cool. Yes, it doesn’t unlock the GPS, but at least VZ Navigator now works for the XV6800. You have to pay 9.99 a month, but it is better than nothing or buying a Bluetooth GPS.

  26. colton enriquez

    guys this page is SO outdated….if you want updated versions of the files posted here head over to it has detailed instructions on how to install what you want/need there are breakthroughs all the time for the windows mobile software for you xv6800 or mogul…..or any other HTC device

  27. jmx600

    This page has the cab that will unlock the GPS on the new Verizon MR1 Rom with a simple Cab installer, No need to use a custom rom anymore.

  28. Paul

    a true HTC Smartphone too bad not in GSM is all with 3G which would of been cool

  29. Paul

    So did anyone in Canada (Ontario) get their P4000’s GPSone stand alone GPS chipset going ?

    Email me @ Msn messenger?

    Toronto, Ontario

    8 Gb SDHC Scandisk
    a-GPS locked (For Now)
    Stand Alone GPS (coming soon hopefully 🙂

  30. TypeX45

    I have a few questions regarding this install. I have recently upgraded my phone to wm 6.1 and if I do this install will it revert me back to 6.0. Also it say xv6800 but has titan as the first .exe. I never heard my phone being known as a titan. Will this work?

  31. Paul

    hello I don’t believe this hack will take you back to 6.0 an code name for this phone is the Titan 100 as like with the HTC TyTN 1 (Hermes 200) hope this answers your questions 🙂

  32. Chris

    I recently unlocked my XV6800 and have successfully run Google maps with the phone’s internal GPS unit. However, when I try to run a more useful navigation program like Odyssey Mobile or Live Search, the programs can not find the internal GPS.

    Has anyone had any luck with Live Search on an unlocked XV6800?

    Thank you.

  33. Jeremy

    Hello everyone, I have reciently purchased the HTC Touch Diamond. I was wondering if anyone knows if there has been anything released to unlock my GPS? One other question. How can I make internet explorer my default browser on my phone instead of Opera Mobile?

  34. Marek

    I’m running ubuntu, should this work for me?

  35. Stupidfortryin'

    Chris or anyone,
    Will my phone get messed up if I install Verizons new 6.1 update for my xv6800 over top of the update from this site? More importantly would I loose my GPS functionality if their update was installed? I also use Sprite backup and do not know if it would restore all my customizations with all this changing around. I also do not want to loose the GPS capability. I just wish that Verizon would model from Alltel and Srint and not try to squeze every penny out of us by locking out the included GPS function of this phone. It is like buying a car and having to pay a monthly fee to access one of its built in features like rolling down the windows or the ability for the gas guage to work. Thanks in advance! Also, thank you all who contributed to this project! I love my GPS phone!

  36. Stupidfortryin'

    Will it lock the GPS again???

  37. Tommy RIOT

    Hey I am trying to do this, but the Hard-SPL-240-MFG.exe link is dead, any way that can be restored?

  38. Bob

    OK, I tried this “upgrade” and it bricked my phone. I used the Verizon ROM which flashed OK. Reboot hung as described in the directions. Showed No radio. Flashed with the radio upgrade. Updater showed the progress bar. I got called away from computer, came back and the Updater SW showed that it had succeeded the flash, but the phone is a brick and will not power on.

    Plugging the phone in to charge does nothing. Removing the battery allows the charge light to light up. Putting the battery back in causes the charge light to turn off. Cannot power on. I’ve tried holding the power and camera buttons and pressing the reset button.

    Why did the radio flash kill the phone and is there any way to recover? Any help is appreciated.

  39. Vic

    My sprint Mogul 6800 will no longer boot up after getting wet. When I plug into a charger nothing appears on the screen however the bluetooth light and the yellow charging light stays on. Is there any hope for this phone.

  40. margoha

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  41. Jerterica

    Where is the reset button located on the HTC P4000??

  42. harold

    i tried this process my phone hang on the bootloader screen with the TITA100 MFG and says usb athe bottom unable to continue asnext program wont recognize the phone. it wont synch with my pc either. can anyone help?

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  44. linda

    a very helpful comment

  45. gina

    I’m currently using Touch Diamond 2 and I love it! it changed a lot in my life in so many ways.


    Thanks my problem also solved with the tips shared by you.

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