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350 responses to “How To: Add GPS to HTC Mogul – XV6800 – P4000 – Titan”

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  2. bdub

    How do you return your PCC6800 back to the Sprint ROM? I have a copy of the latest ROM off of the HTC site. when I ran the update I got an error message

  3. bdub

    I am getting
    ERROR (328): Invalid Command
    “This Update Utility cannot be used for your PDA Phone. Please Check your Update Utility” on the bottom right it shows “IU2”. This happens whe trying to flash the factory ROM.

  4. bdub

    No I haven’t before this was the first. How do you lock the ROM back?

  5. Rhythmic

    Thanks for this compilation and almost “push button” instructions!!

  6. bdub

    I just saw your edit. patientlyy waiting…LOL!!!!

  7. bdub

    Chris being a first timer, are you suppose to reactivate after this update? It looks like this is a complete ROM replacement. When I try to make a call I get the Sprint activation message.

  8. Damian Biltres

    Has anyone received the following connection error 262: Update Error?

  9. Joe

    I tried this on xv6800 using automatic installer and active sync 4.5. The tool attempts to do the update but after the phone reboots and gives me the rainbow screen I loose connection in active sync and the update progress just reads 0% on the computer and the phone. Eventually I get error 262 from the update utility. When I reboot the phone everything comes up ok. Should I be using an older version of active sync? Any ideas?

  10. Tobin

    I have a new 6800 and it hangs on the rom update at 0%. Upon a reboot of the phone, I get… The file ‘MortScript’ cannot be opened. Either is is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring the file or ping Christopher Price for help :0 Sorry, added the last part. Ideas on how to get past this, I am looking forward to GPS !!!!

  11. Damian Biltres

    I was facing the same error (Error 262) earlier today but got it to work using the manual installation method. However, I could not get the GPS update (the final step) to work. Instead of seeing a GPS icon in my settings screen I only see the original External GPS icon. Any ides?

  12. Damian Biltres

    Ok, this ROM has conflicts with ActiveSync and Bluetooth. Can you please provide instructions on how to load the device to its orginal state?

  13. damion

    i have completed all steps but still yet to see a gps apart from the external icon that was always there

  14. Tobin

    I guess I’m still trying to figure out what my problem is, I tried it twice and it hung at 0% and then I got the missing MortScript.exe on startup/reboot of the phone. My phone is still completly installed with the original MS 6 and the ROM upgrade didn’t do anything to my VZW XV6800.

  15. Damian Biltres

    Ok, so I had my initial issues with the automatic ROM update. Once that didn’t work I tried the manual installer. That seemed to work but had many things missing such as Mobile Office. The GPS, which was the main reason I tried this updater did not work. I tried to give the automatic version another try hoping something did not load correctly. This finally worked and added several applications including mobile office. While thie update an improvement on the manual updater I still cannot get the GPS to work on any port ( I am trying it with Google Maps). I do not recommend the manual method as it is not the same package as the automatic method. If anyone gets the GPS to work please post directions.

  16. candice bailey

    love it but would like to see bright colors and maybe a screen that changed colors.

  17. ixxixxi

    download the

    i think it was missing an “e” in the exe part so after i downloaded i renamed it to a .exe and it worked fine, no problems for me on the install!

  18. Tobin

    I tried upgrading my verizon XV6800 again via the automated method this morning from my computer at work… it hung at 0% again. I didn’t get the mortscript error on bootup. Ideas?

  19. parrott84


    “The efforts of many people contributed to this process. We cannot thank them all individually, but we do acknowledge (and thank) the active HTC hacking community for these developments.”

    I like your work, but you could at least give credit to the author of the ROM you are using, DCD at Sure lot’s of people contributed to helping him refine it, but if you are going to re-distribute his work you should at least mention him.

  20. jkohl

    Titan re-locker:

    ummm mine is stuck at startup screen though, you have to connect through activesync to run the relocker. How do I get it relocked to run the old ROM to get it to boot past startup screen? Any ideas?

  21. Jeff

    From the External GPS Settings here are the settings
    Programs tab, Find a com port COM4 or COM5
    Hardware tab, (None) Baud rate 4800

    Don’t forget to turn on Location Settings to ON from the Device Options in the Dialer under Services tab. (I wasn’t getting GPS until I did this).

  22. Brandon Smith

    I would pay money to have this for the Touch

  23. Michael CIliege

    Does anyone know if this will work with the HTC Touch for Sprint. I would love to have the GPS built in on my device???

  24. Tim

    I am eagerly awaiting the downgrader for my Verizon 6800. My phone is sucking hard because of this. Cannot get my favorite people to appear on the HTC Home anymore. I’ve been jacking around all day getting the new installed programs off the phone because it was so slow the phone was nearly unusable. GPS worked though.

  25. Damian Biltres


    I feel the same way. However, I did not get the GPS to work on mine. I tried the steps Jeff mentioned several posts ago to no avail. What COM port do you have your GPS set to?

  26. tim

    Damian, I have Com port 5 enabled, the rest I just left alone. It took a long time for it to kick in but now its instant. I’ve gotten everything ironed out except my voice command button on the side doesnt work and I cannot get the People tab on HTC home to appear. I’ve tried everything with no luck. The ONLY thing i’m happy with is the threaded SMS. Which program is that? Anyone know?

  27. david

    im stuck at tha startup screen!!!!!!!!!!!! help plz i tried everything i guess im goin to have to take it to sprint and get a master reset this sux

  28. Damian Biltres


    Are you talking about the verizon screen or the boot loader screen?

  29. Damian Biltres


    Thanks for the response. I’m starting from scratch. I found that running the flash from Vista may be the source of my problems. I’m going to run it in a few minutes from my XP box.

  30. Matt

    I fan the new rom but when I try to run the titan radio rom it tells me my phone is not compatible. I have a Sprint mogul. any suggestions

  31. 6800newbie

    Everything worked fine. The directions were great, especially the follow-ups. Had to call Verizon to get the A-Key setup after a *228. GPS/Phone/PDA = perfect combination.

  32. Dave

    very nice, love the fact that it employs tomtom navigation software. love the go 720, so this would be sweet addition to an HTC. also did you hear about the tomtom navigation application for the iphone? should be sweet. Gps on a cell phone is definitely the wave of the future.

  33. david

    im using sprint mogul but i swaped my phine out cuz it was nothing they could do but it was stck at tha htc load screen but im not goin to try to instal again cuz im scared lol

  34. Tim

    Mines completely bricked now. Will not respond to anything at this point. gotta take it to the store but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

  35. Ves

    works great on ppc6800 sprint, i had no problems at all

  36. Answerman

    Nice writeup… good to see the Alltel love! Here’s my experience with my Alltel PPC-6800:

    A note: Because you will need to reprovision the phone, I think it is important to make sure you are in an Alltel native area since you want to make sure you can get to Alltel’s *228 after flashing. If you are roaming, you would have trouble I would think, in which case you would have to ##778 (##PST) and enter everything manually. I went through and wrote down ALL my settings in PST just to be on the safe side before I upgraded, though I ended up not needing them.

    First of all, the ROM installed very cleanly. The order should be HardSPL, then DCD’s ROM, and then the radio last as I understand it… though I ended up installing the reinstalling the ROM after the radio so I’m not sure how big of a deal that is.

    Once everything is installed, you will see 1X and roaming. You must then do a *228 and select option 3 to reprovision the phone on Alltel’s network to get back to EvDO and not roaming. The phone will reboot. You then need to *228 again select option 2 to update the PRL (as the ROM installs a really old PRL 30006 for some reason) or manually update your PRL to 40029 if you want EvDO roaming on Sprint (click on “Alltel PRLs” at the top of this page).

    Then, you should be ready to go! No problems at all with either phone or data…. the *228s took care of all the setup.

    Here’s what I’ve noticed so far, as well as answering the questions I remember being asked:

    DCD’s ROM, being a “clean and simple” flavor, is pretty snappy (though the phone always seems faster after a hard reset, so I don’t know how seriously I would take that).

    I don’t have a headphone adapter, but both the stock headphones and my Seidio amplified car kit (uses the miniUSB port) worked fine.

    My Jabra BT350 Bluetooth headset paired right up and worked just fine. Can’t say that the sound quality is either better or worse.

    No RevA in my area, so I can’t vouch for that, but a speedtest seemed to be right where I usually am (EvDO speeds between 400k and 900k depending on signal).

    Now, about the GPS… it worked very well! I have Odyssey Mobile nav software (it came with my Holux GPSlim 236 BT receiver) and I installed it and configured it to use COM4 (which seems to be the consensus port to use with the 6800’s internal GPS). It took about 5 minutes to find the satellites, but then it worked really well… I took it for a drive and it was consistently seeing 7 satellites and using either 6 or 7. It was pinning my location down well, showing me driving under overpasses as I was doing so, etc… I went down to a 25 foot range in Odyssey and it looked like my location was spot on.

    So far, so good… other than the one lockup I had overnight, no problems at all… battery life seems fine and the phone is very snappy.

  37. Jeff

    Further followup for the GPS to work…

    Because of the way the drivers work, you need to use something that directly addresses the GPS Intermediate driver to get the chipset fired up and working. Use something like Google Maps, Live Search, or Yahoo Go! They all directly address it, as I know from personal experience that trying to access GPS in TomTom 6.030 without doing one of these first did not work. TomTom is trying to talk directly to the COM port and does not invoke the driver from what I understand from reading over on I know that they have programmers such as GPS Launcher over there to deal with the very issue also.

    Just a few thoughts.

  38. Lee

    I need my MSN messenger + Mobile Office… is there a way to get it bACKKKKKKKKKKKK

  39. sTiVE

    I also want my MSN and Office back on the phone, I use it very often but now Its not there! Any Info on how I get this working (MSN + Office) Thanks upfront.

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  42. akijikan

    LOL you rip off DCD and you give out misinformation. The GPS works fine as a standalone system. I can turn the phone off and still use the GPS.

    Infact wikipedia says this of the GPSOne chipset:

    gpsOne can operate in 4 modes:

    * Standalone – Your handset has no connection to the network, and uses only the GPS satellite signals it can currently receive to try and establish a location.
    * MS Based – Your handset is connected to the network, and uses the GPS signals + a location signal from the network.
    * MS Assisted – Your handset is connected to the network, uses GPS signals + a location signal then relays its ‘fix’ to the server, which then uses the signal strength from your phone to the network towers to further plot your position. You can still maintain voice communication in this scenario, but not ‘Internet/Network service’ ie Web Browser, IM, streaming TV etc..
    * MS Assisted/Hybrid – Same as above, but network functionality remains. Normally only in areas with exceptional coverage.

  43. Matt

    Tried to run the gps update on the mogul, i think its fried. i ran the unlocker, i got the DCD sprint rom on there, it froze at the HTC/carrier logo. i did the reset into bootloader mode, i go to run the 3.27 radio update, i get error code 202 connection. Help Please, im thinking i “bricked” it.

  44. matt

    i shoulda mentioned, that when i put it into bootloader mode after DCD. it came up spl-1.07.0000. is that bad?

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