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350 responses to “How To: Add GPS to HTC Mogul – XV6800 – P4000 – Titan”

  1. Shaun

    I’ve just found a DCD version 3.0.1 but I am willing to use the SPRINT ROM if it will work on my BELL phone. Am giving it a shot.

  2. Shaun

    The Spring ROM works!!

  3. Shaun

    Currently customizing the with HTC HOME and I’m found out how to change the startup logo from SPRINT to BELL.

    The file is called SPCS_startup.gif in the windows directory on the PPC6800. Next I have to figure out how to replace the file as it is protected.

    P.S. After updating using the SPRINT rom my GPS was not as effective if not useless. I then found / downloaded and installed quickGPS and tada!! As good as the previous ROM.

    IMO the SPRINT rom is the easy way to flash your device regardless of which carrier your on. This will ensure a stress free upgrade. The customization of your phone afterwards will be the fun part!

    More as it comes…

  4. Shaun

    Here is an very easy way to Brand your phone according to your carrier!!

  5. bill

    can I put the gps on my xv6800 without having problems with unit after?

  6. Derek

    I have got through all the steps listed here, and saw the GPS in settings, but googlemaps was still not receiving a GPS signal. So I repeated all the steps, and now I am permanently stuck on the Verizon carrier logo, no matter how many hard, soft, or bootloader resets I do. ActiveSync does not find the device, so I can’t even reinstall the original ROM!!! Someone please help, I spent too much money on this phone to let it go to waste by trying this stupid GPS thing.

  7. Shaun

    There is a way to boot up your device with the original rom using a preconfigure SD card…I will search for the link and post.


  8. Derek

    Actually, I read those and it doesn’t seem that is what I was trying to say is the problem. See, I can get into bootloader, but then I am unable to do anything to get the device to boot properly. I may be stuck because each time I run dcd_titan_2.1.0_vzw.exe, I get an error “Some installation files are corrupt. Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation.”, the same error as Perry had with the sprint update. But there is no .exe missing an ‘e’ in the extension, and downloading fresh copies does nothing. I just realized this may be the problem, so how can I get around this? Thanks in advance for your help…

  9. Derek

    I’m sorry to waste time and space on this forum, but what the hell is that supposed to mean and who posted that useless quotation? Someone disregard these two comments please and maybe answer the one a few back….thanks

  10. Shaun

    You may have to roll back your radio to the OEM verision for your original ROM to work.

    P.S. DO NOT USE version 2.1.0

    P.S.S Look for version 2.3.2 (I remember reading somewhere that 2.1.0 had a problem with it and 2.3.2 solves it. Try this before rolling back your radio.)

  11. Derek

    No one is answering my questions. I need to try using the Verizon update, but the file is corrupt. I want to try that before messing further with the ROM or radio, because I am still under warranty and can exchange as my last resort. So, how do I find a good Verizon software update file????

  12. Tee

    I have am on alltel and everything went fine with the flash, but now my camera won’t work and sometime when i get a call or text, either the phone will get stuck in vibrating and I have to soft reset it or the ringer just stops ringing

  13. Jason

    I would like to know if i can add GPS feature to my telus HTC p4000
    and if so .. can I please have full instructions to add GPS and To Take off GPS



  14. Shaun

    try for the ROM.

    To add GPS the above worked for me. To remove it as well. You will just need to find the software online…It will take some time it is possible.

  15. Floroskop

    I think this try.

  16. Bobby Brown

    What is wrong with all the carrier’s update files? I know both Verizon and Sprint are corrupt, where else can they be found?

  17. Shaun

    I used DCD’s and they all work fine…A few glitches but everything works!

  18. Bobby Brown

    It says this:

    CRC failed in dcd_titan_2.1.0_vzw.nbh
    Unexpected end of archive

    That is more than a few glitches, the update fails to extract or do anything!!!!

  19. Idiotfortrying

    I think there may be a problem with activesync and this phone change procedure. This is the second time within the last two months that my phone has stopped syncing with may computer. I have another phone that I have that does not have this cange and it still syncs just fine. Any Ideas??? The last time this happened I did a hard reset, which I do not want to do again because it is very annoying setting it back up to the way you want it.

  20. rustic


    All is workingon my P4000 in vancouver, BC.

    Have you got yours working?

  21. Cardoso

    Hi Jai… how did you get GPS to work? I’m also with Telus using the P4000.

  22. Robert

    any idea when verizon or HTC will release the official update????

  23. Shaun

    Use DCD version 3.0.1 that version 2.x is buggy. Mine is working seamlessly and as soon as I find a vendor I’m gonna drop Garmin Mobile XT. Check it out….Only cost $99 and you can use GPS anywhere with your Bell PPC6800 or Telus P4000.

  24. Chris

    I relocked my phone… how do i find the stock radio and rom for Alltel so that my phone is functioning again, any help would be appreciated my phone is currently not working at all stuck at the 3 colored bootloader screen.

  25. Chris

    Wow you saved my life Chris! Btw, i did like your Rom i just need to get some warranty work done on it and Im scared to get it voided.

  26. rsd

    I am stuck on the verizon screen, I did the following and now stuck in Verizon logo and cannot go any further. I tried putting in the TITAIMG.nbh in the root of the mini sd and going to the bootloader with no luck:

    * Open Hard-SPL-240-MFG.exe. It will extract files into C:\ttn240mfg, and then launch an unlocker. Follow the instructions on screen.
    * Once it has been completed, launch the device’s software update. Follow the instructions on screen for the updater.
    * Following the updater’s final instructions, power cycle the device as instructed (holding power and reset buttons simultaneously). The device will likely freeze at startup on your carrier’s logo. This is normal.
    * When the device does freeze, hold power, camera, and reset buttons. This will send the device into what is known as Bootloader Mode.
    * Connect the Titan back to your computer. Run the baseband radio firmware update, similar to the instructions above.

    This is where it got stuck with 0% progress and with an error that it could not connect to the device.

    How do I get to the next step and reset to the original ROM, so I can try again?

    This is a brand new device not activated and I want to activate after I load the GPS, so I still have my old Treo 700w active.



  27. Nick

    You don’t have to have network coverage or internet connection to use your garmin maps with your ppc6800 built in gps. Take a look at this link how to use your garmin maps without your receiver

  28. rsd

    I know that but my device is not going past the Verizon screen. When I try to flash the ROM image, it connects and puts up the progress bar and sits at 0% and then says that it cannot coneect to the device.


  29. Tj

    Ok I have done everything right and have the new rom running on my xv6800. It shows windows 6.1 I go to settings and turn on my location and also change gps to com5. But when i go to google it does nothing after an hour of searching. Any one have an idea.

  30. Dmouse

    mobile 6.1 worked, but shows an incorrect ESN even after *228. I have the ESN, how do i correct?

  31. Ehren

    I cannot load any of these programs due to compatability issues with 64-bit Win XP pro. Is there a 64-bit version of these programs available??? If so please post or E-Mail me directly..
    Thank-u for your time
    Ehren G.
    (Lets Mod the world to evolve faster)

  32. Jeff

    I did the GPS upgrade worked fine for a day, now I’m getting an error message in google maps.
    The program requires a data conection. Please contact your carrier, or visit on your computer for more info. (error:connectError [183]). Does anyone know why or haw i can clear this error

  33. Tj

    ok i got gps to work the only thing is I cant receive sms messages any ideas

  34. SHAgit@me1

    Works like a charm- WinMo6.1 has a few cool upgrades the sms conversations-like IM

    VZW xv6800

  35. Jeff

    Ugraded phone works great but I the wirelesss does not work. Anyone have any ideas why?

  36. Idiotfortrying

    I have the XV 6800 through Verizon. Does anyone know if the A-Key is only good on its first use? I wrote down the key last time I reset my phone and it does not work for this reset. Any Ideas??? I am still getting problems every once and a while where my phone does not want to sync any more with my laptop. The only way around it is a hard reset.

  37. Idiotfortrying

    Well, the a-key is only good once, asked Verizon rep today when I called for a new one. I used Sprite Backup to get my phone back to where it was before hard reseting. Now Activesync works again!!! Not for sure how long because this is the second time I have had to reset the phone for the same issue.

  38. lna419

    Everything worked great, except one issue. I can’t use my voice command button anymore for dialing . Any suggestions?

  39. larbo

    Do not do this procedure. Your phone will never work the same, voice command will quit, bluetooth connections will stop, pdf writer will vanish ect. The GPS will never work plus you will spend days on it before giving up!!! The geek who started this should banned from the site. If you don’t believe me, check out all the threads by those who want to reset their xv6800 back to factory default.

  40. Aguas

    To all VERIZON XV6800 users:

    this rom update works great. do not listen to the other comments just becuase it didnt work for them. trust me, just follow the install directions at the top of the page. i tried to wing it the first time, and when it didnt work i actually went back and READ (i know, it sounds stupid and lame) the instructions, and it went flawlessly.

    a thing to note:
    at that tri-colored boot screen, it says something like to establish a connection with activesync. you do not need to do this; just continue on with the installation like it wasnt even there. Mine did hang at the verizon screen but after a few soft resets was fine.

    I LOVE this ROM. the slimmed down ROM makes the phone a lot faster and responsive to touch, and the dial pad isnt slow as s**t anymore. and the threaded text messaging is great. with my software i found like slide2unlock and several different programs, my phone is the best its ever been.

    My one problem is that i STILL cannot configure my gps. im not the most technical person, but normally i can figure most things out. But this is just frustrating. I remember some person mentioning COM5, but there are two places to enter in, the hardware port (with a baud rate, anyone know what this is??) and program port. The ports both go COM 0-9, but the programs port also has GPD 1-9. What are the difference? Where can i find out how to configure my GPS?
    An email or response here would be greatly appreciated:

  41. Aguas

    Ok i figured this out(:
    In Google Maps, under Options, and GPS Settings, you must select “Set by Windows”
    This allows the program to read from the port you select in your External GPS setting on your phone.
    I’m guessing that default Google Maps has it set manually.
    Anyway, disregard my question in my previous post.
    Hope this helps all!

  42. Rob

    Has anyone had any issue with their picture and video messaging since installing their rom, especially alltel customers?

  43. Doug

    Nearly everything is perfect on my XV6800 (including GPS!) many thanks to all involved… However, my Voice Command is not working…. I’ve seen several questions here about getting the VC to work after the updated ROM, but I do not see any replies. I can answer incoming phone calls with my bluetooth headset and dial last number called by holding down the VC button on the headset, but can not start any commands. The voice command button on the phone does not initiate any voice commands either. I did discover holding down the VC button launches Adobe Reader. Does anyone have any suggestions? R: 3.27.00; D: 3.16

  44. Nick

    Well with all my problems solved, i have one more question, if i hard resetted my phone, the ROM would be the exact same as it was when i first installed it, correct? or will it brick my phone or something?

  45. bluestreak

    Hey lardo:

    This ROM update worked great for me and many people that know what they are doing and actually followed the directions. The only thing that does not work is the voice recorder button on the side and for me this is the best thing. It was very easy to hit this button and then have the recorder launch. You would then have to delete the file and close the program. The only thing better would be if the ROM update actually removed and dang button!

    So, in closing….Don’t screw with your phone unless you know what you’re doing or don’t mind rolling the dice!

  46. bluestreak

    Oh, and the Jawbone BT headset works great with this phone and ROM update as well….

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  48. Ted

    I just want to thank you vary much for this. My phone works great. You would not now a way to play youtube videos would you?